How to Choose the Right Concrete Contractor

The result you get from your concrete construction project relies heavily on the concrete contractor you choose. It takes diligence and time to narrow down through the list of fraudsters and unqualified firms to find a company that will deliver the results you deserve. Follow through these steps to help you find the most reliable concrete Miami company.

Do an initial online search

Fire up your computer and search for concrete contractors within your area. While you are at it, also take steps to learn about the business to remain steps ahead of any con artists. Ensure that you are fully aware of the terms that you can expect these contractors to use and understand their meanings, as well as the current prices of concrete services and slabs in your area. As you build your list, here are some of the most important questions to ask a potential contractor:
Do an initial online search

  • How long have you been in this business? A contractor with about five years of experience is the better choice, as you can rely on them for stability, which is crucial in the world of construction. An experienced contractor is most likely backed by a portfolio of happy clients and will offer helpful insights and recommendations to help improve your project.
  • What insurance coverage do you have? Hiring a contractor without insurance is highly detrimental. Accidents happen in construction sites, and either you or a worker could get seriously hurt. The machinery could also malfunction and cause damage to your home. All these liabilities should be adequately insured to protect you from having to pay any damages or medical fees. Ensure that you also verify the existence of the insurer and that the policies are valid. Another important requirement of a competent contractor is a current and valid license to practice in your residential area.

Request to speak to a reference

A concrete contractor worth their salt should have no qualms about giving you an address list of previous clients to verify the quality of their services and work ethic. Talk about their general experience, whether the contractor charged any hidden fees, and how their construction project is coming along.

Check online review sites and social media

Most contractors have some kind of online presence, such as a website, blog, or pages on major social networks. Look through these to gauge the perception of previous clients and followers of the concrete contractor you are interested in. Sites like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau can also be invaluable when looking for a reliable and competent service provider.

Compare the quotes you get

Compare the quotes you get
From your list of companies, make a list of prices to help you compare. Also, ask about any additional fees, such as reinforcements, Styrofoam, vapor barriers, and other items. Avoid making decisions based on price alone, as you may end up getting a contractor that uses poor quality materials and uses shortcuts. The better option is always to pay for high-quality services as they are worth it in the long run. A cheaper contractor will mean repairs in the near future or accidents.

Also, ask about any items in your quote that you do not understand. If the contractor seems dodgy or will not answer your questions comprehensively, then cross them off your list. Also, get a contractor that will deliver a high-quality result in the shortest time possible. Such contractors may be pricier but are worth it if you have a tight schedule.

Visit any of the worksites

A great way to confirm the quality of a concrete contractor’s services is to visit one of their worksites and view their work. You can also get plenty of ideas for your own project from such visits, as well as a feel of their communication, work ethic, and organization culture. Throughout the construction project, you and your contractor will communicate frequently, so choose one that is respectful and pleasant to work with.

Review your contract

Most concrete contractors will use a contract to stipulate the terms of service, methods and terms of payment, and other crucial aspects of your deal. Read through it carefully before you sign it for any clauses that you do not understand or place you on the spot. Check for hidden costs and warranty policies, and only sign it if you are absolutely sure and fine with its terms. You should also keep a copy for reference.
Review your contract

Seek assistance from friends and relatives

Even after going through all these steps, you may have come down to two contractors and still cannot make a final decision. You can enlist the help of a neighbor, friend, or relative that has worked with any of these contractors. They can also provide a valuable reference and introduce you to the company as a new client.

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