How To Stay Healthy By Drinking Structured Water?

Structured water is pure, and it heals human body systems in various ways. You can get structured water from springs, glaciers, and other non-polluted places. The water we receive from the central part of the earth is saline. Therefore, structured water filter benefits you in lots of different methods. A well-structured water filtration system purifies the water by removing most pollutants. So, what you get is clean and pure water with zero adulterations. 

Structured Water Has Existed For Ages

If you want to know the numerous benefits of structured water, let’s go back to ancient times. We usually hear about three phases of water: solid, liquid, and vapor. However, Professor Gerald H. Pollack, in his book The Fourth Phase of Water, has pointed to the fourth phase of water. This phase occurs beside a hydrophilic surface. It projects out from the surface and forms millions of molecular layers. 

This is known as the structured phase of water or the energy phase, which has wide-ranging practical applications. It includes flow production, energy harvesting, and filtration. The filtration phase provides bacteria-free water with the highest purification level. 

The Water Filtration System Is A Battery

Structured water doesn’t only include hexagonal sheets of molecules but also the molecules surrounding the structure. When the hexagonal layers grow, it creates voltage between the molecules. Structured water grows by absorbing energy through light waves and infrared waves. 

Structured water filters are intelligent units that draw out harmful toxins like chlorine and fluoride into the molecule. 

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Which Structured Water System Suit You Best?

There are many structured water filter benefits that you can capitalize on to use the right system. Water filter systems are available in various formats like a portable shower, whole house, garden, and commercial purposes. You need to consider aspects like your lifestyle, budget, and what suits you best while choosing a water filtration system. 

Portable Filtration Devices

Portable filtration devices ease your labour with flexibility. It is the most popular structured water unit and an optimal source of energy. Mobile designs are suitable for cooking, bathing, drinking water, and traveling. Other advantages are their versatility, customizable options and budget-friendly price. 

Showering Devices

A structured water filter benefits your skin, as well. So, you might think of using a device instead of a showerhead. You can add the showerhead back if you don’t like the direct stream of water. These units meet your dual needs of providing drinking water and bathing purposes. On the other hand, these filtration systems are excellent for city dwellers. 

Garden Structured Water Units

Your plants will thank you if you use structured water filters for your garden units. It can also be used for gardening or cooking if you have a barbecue. You can also consider using a whole-house team to link all your water outlets with a structured filtration system. 

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Excellent Benefits Of Structured Water Device

Do you want a healthy lifestyle for your family? Then you must consider these Structured water filter benefits immediately. Structured water delivers hydration and minerals that can have a positive impact on your body. 


Unstructured water clumps the molecules of our body. Structured water, on the other hand, hydrates the skins, nourishes the cells and requires less energy for skin hydration. Structured water is clean water that is immensely good for your skin.

Clean And Pure Water

You might have a filter at your home, but does it provide you the cleanest water? Most of the filters we use at home flush out fluorides but cannot clear out the toxins at one go. Structured water cleans out impurities entirely from your hard water. It’s great to have harmony in your body and promote the growth of healthy bacteria. 

Softness Of Water

Potential Structured water filter benefits include water softness. Soft water is better for cleaning, drinking, and other purposes. Furthermore, soft water gets quickly absorbed in the body.

Balanced water is always good for human beings. You don’t always have access to clean spring water if you live in an urban area. A structured water filter benefits you more than ever and gives you access to sterile water free from impurities. 

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