How to Plan a Destination Wedding

Although destination weddings are very beautiful, planning one is not easy. However, with some early planning, you can have the perfect destination wedding. Here are some tips that will come in handy to help you plan the perfect destination wedding:

Choose the Right Destination

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The first step to a successful destination wedding is choosing the ideal destination for you and your partner. When picking a destination, you should consider the season and weather. When you do this, you will be able to buy the right gowns such as a bridal gown for destination wedding.

When you pick a destination, you need to keep your expectations in check: do not expect a location to turn out exactly the way you saw it on pictures. However, you should not be afraid to go with your first choice, as it might be the best for you.

Hire a Wedding Planner in the Area

Hire a Wedding Planner in the Area
You need to consider hiring a local wedding planner to save yourself the trouble. A local planner will help you to choose the right vendors for your wedding. Make sure that you check the local vendor’s background to ensure that she has access to the best vendors. Moreover, the reputation of the vendor is important.

Set a Budget

Set a Budget
You need to create a detailed budget for the wedding as well as the expenses that come with it. Make sure that you also consider the travel budget. You should take note of the local currency to be able to do the right calculations. When planning your honeymoon, you should consider setting up an online fund such as where people can donate.

Organize Your Guest List

With a destination wedding, you will be under less pressure to invite coworkers and people that you do not know very well. You have to keep your guest list small because only your close friends and family will pay the airfare to make it to your destination wedding. If you need help coming up with a guest list, you should consult your closest friends.

Send Invitations Early

Send Invitations Early
You need to send out your wedding invitations early enough to allow your guests to save on air tickets. The earlier you tell them, the better their chances will be of getting cheaper flights. When you do this, you will increase the chances of your guests making it to your wedding.

If the wedding falls during tourist season in your chosen destination, you should send the invites at least 10 months in advance to allow the guests to book accommodation and air tickets early.

Negotiate Airfare for Non-local Vendors

Because you will not be too familiar with the destination, you should consider going with your own make-up artist and photographer. You should negotiate the airfare for these people if you want your wedding to go well.

Confirm Whether the Officiant can Officiate

Confirm Whether the Officiant can Officiate
You need to read about the legalities in your destination to ensure that the person officiating your wedding can actually do it. Some laws will require you to have been in the country for at least a day before your wedding. Researching ahead of time will save you from experiencing last minute heartache.

Book a Hotel That Offers Discounts for Groups

Book a Hotel That Offers Discounts for Groups
Because most of your guests will be paying for their own air tickets and accommodations, you need to lighten their financial burden by getting a cheap hotel.

When you do this, you will help them to save some money. Moreover, staying in the same hotel will help your guests to feel more comfortable so far away from home.

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