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7 Classic Ways to Switch Up your Bathroom with Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are always trendy and are one of the most favorite design trends of many experts. It is simple, classic and affordable. It goes well with every style from traditional to contemporary, such as coastal, farmhouse, modern or any other.

Subway tiles offer you so many creative ways to switch up your kitchen or bathroom. You can play with its color, shape, arrangement, and style to instantly uplift your bathroom. Expert bathroom contractors consider subway tiles as the best choice for bathrooms because of their classic simplicity, easy to clean status and durability. The beauty of subway tiles lies in their versatility to honor the historical characters and to compliment the modern home designs.

If you want to retain your bathroom décor value through the years here are few ideas to use evergreen subway tiles in your bathroom.

  • Choose Subway Tiles with Depth

Choose Subway Tiles with Depth

If you want a soft but interesting feel, choose subway tiles with depth for your bathroom. Pale blue and gray tiles give depth to the backsplash and make the white cabinets feel more prominent and fresh. Moreover, white subway tile wall gives a classy vanity space and add subtle texture.

  • Use Multi-Colored Subway Tiles

Are you afraid of using multi-colored subway tiles in your bathroom? Give it a try and you will be surprised to see how amazing they look. All you need to do to get a perfect statement-making wall is to create a balance between colors. Colorful subway tiles wall with white subway floor gives your bathroom a classic timeless look which no other material can match.

  • Contrast your Subway with Other Patterned Tiles

Contrast your Subway with Other Patterned Tiles
Limit your favorite subway tile to a single wall and contrast it with different color and pattern tiles to create a classic design. You can even use the same subway tiles with a different orientation to give your bathroom an interesting look.

Contrasting traditional white subway tiles with darker tiles or grout adds a pop of colors and contrast which make your bathroom more appealing. Dark grout will also help you in bathroom cleaning as it does not get stained easily and hides imperfections.

  • Create Balance

While using subway tiles, always keep the balance between colors, patterns, and arrangement. If you are using one bold color, calm it down with some light decent contrast. Dark and light contrast always adds visual variety and patterns to space and gives dimensions to the bathroom. Furthermore, if you are planning a monochromatic bathroom, adding pattern and texture to the space is very important to maintain visual interest.

  • Combine White and Black

Combine White and Black
What can be more beautiful combination than white and black? Bathrooms are the perfect room to incorporate this elegant color scheme. White subway tiles on the walls and black subway on the floor give your bathroom an interesting modern design. Moreover, white subway tiles with black shower stall create a perfect accent which suits every style.

  • Try Gold Subway Tiles

Subway tiles do not only give a simple and elegant look. If you want a fancy look, be creative with your subway tiles choice. The latest subway tiles trend is to incorporate metallic colors and pattern into your bathroom. Try gold subway tiles, they will give you the same extra luxe look which you are looking for.

  • Embrace Nautical Theme

Embrace Nautical Theme
Try nautical theme décor buy sing navy blue subway tiles and pale blue shades. You can also get the same décor by combining white tiles with dark grout. There are many more spectacular themes such as the submarine theme to opt for your bathroom as per your choice.

Long are the days when everyone wanted to see the same thing in their homes. Now interior designs trends are getting more personalized influenced by culture, arts, and exciting materials.

Subway tiles are extremely fashionable and provide unlimited opportunities for giving interest, design, and character to a bathroom. One guarantee is that its simplicity will never make your space look dated. It’s a timeless choice. Consider above mentioned useful tips to utilize subway tiles in your bathroom and gives a clean, elegant and timeless feel to your bathroom.

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