Building Surveys: Why They Need to Be Carried Out

Building surveyors play an essential part when property is bought and sold, as they ascertain the structural integrity of the building, along with many other inspections to validate that the property is in good condition. If you want to know more about building surveys then continue reading here. Such is the depth of building surveys, that there are different levels, which are as follows.

  • Level One: Condition Report – This is a low-level survey that would be suited to a new build, and the building would be graded on a “traffic light” system, with green meaning good, amber, slight issues, and red meaning a serious issue. This would be the least expensive of the survey options, as the number of aspects included is limited, and it is recommended to ask the surveyor which of the surveying packages would be most suitable for the property in question.
  • Level Two: Homebuyer’s Report – As the name suggests, this report would be commissioned by a person who is looking to buy a property, and this report would involve subsidence and dampness. The surveyor would be looking for specific conditions that might violate the current building regulations, and with affordable building surveyors in Leicester, you can rest assured that the property is in good condition. Older buildings are susceptible to rising damp, which is something the surveyor would be specifically looking for, as older properties are prone to the dampproof course decaying, and if this is not noticed, the buyer would have some serious repair bills in the near future.

Level Two Homebuyer’s Report

  • Level Three: RICS Building Survey – Typically, an RICS building survey is carried out on a property that is older than 50 years, and also if the buyer is planning some major refurbishments on a property. This is an in-depth inspection that is very detailed and covers everything from the foundations to the roof, and the surveyor would use their own format for the report. If you are planning to purchase a listed building, for example, this type of survey is absolutely essential, as it will delve fully into the structure, and by searching online for a building surveyor, you can arrange for the survey to be carried out by a professional surveyor.
  • Detailed Written Report – When a surveyor inspects a property, he will compile a detailed written report that contains the fine details and covering all the aspects within that category. If you are at all unsure which level is suitable, the building surveyor can advise.
    Detailed Written Report

Aspects of the Survey

When a building is surveyed, the following would be included:

  • Roof Covering & Structure
  • Chimney
  • External & Internal Walls
  • Floors & Ceilings
  • Dampness
  • Timber Assessment

There are specialist building surveying companies who can carry out building surveys, and the best way to make contact with such a provider, is an online search. Buying any property is going to be a considerable investment, and for the little it costs, a building survey gives you peace of mind, knowing that the building is structurally sound and not in need of repair.

Should there be any issues, at least you have an opportunity to pull out of the deal, or you could insist that the seller carry out effective repairs as part of the contract.

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