How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Design

When planning a kitchen remodel, choosing the perfect design is a crucial decision all homeowners have to make. After all, it’s the location of your appliances, countertops, and food that provide a direction on how you entertain your guests, prepare meals, and clean up afterwards.

While the majority of homeowners already have a dream kitchen built inside their mind, this does not always mean that they are the ideal layouts for their current space. You should note that your kitchen size will get to determine your final design. Traditionally, most kitchen functions call for a certain amount of space, however if this is not the case companies such as CharlesJames Developments & Interiors are able to design a bespoke kitchen that best fits your layout.

The following is a look at how to pick the perfect kitchen layout for your home depending on your taste, space, and more.

1. The L-Shaped Layout

Ideal for: Easy-going home entertainers who have no problem easing into a flow.It’s not uncommon for homeowners who intend to carry out intense renovations to opt for this design. Many enjoy this layout as it’s flexible and spacious, just as the name suggests. When complete, the countertops and kitchen will normally feature an “open L-Shape”. The design has been seen to work best for people looking to merge their kitchen and dining areas. It’s a design that you can employ to create an open living area or come up with a separate eat-in kitchen. However, this design will not work well for you if you prefer to have a buffer zone or some privacy when preparing your meals.
he L-Shaped Layout

2. Kitchen Island

Ideal for: Homeowners who have lots of space and who love being efficient when cooking Centre islands have been around for a while now and continue to be a much sort-after trend. A kitchen featuring this design helps to ensure an efficient and strong cooking triangle. In the triangle, you can include a refrigerator, cooking unit, and a sink. Additionally, it can also provide an extra workspace for making cocktails, helping your kids with their homework or for dining purposes. If your available space permits its addition, the kitchen island is able to provide an additional benefit of increased functionality and much needed storage space.

Note that the keyword here is space. For this reason, you need to have a minimum of forty square inches to build the island. You will then need an additional 31.5 inches to create what home remodelling experts refer to as the “clearance zone”. If the available square footage cannot accommodate this, you can always choose another design.

3. Galley Kitchen

Ideal for: People with lots of ambition but limited space to work with
Are you one of those homeowners who love to spend countless hours cooking but find themselves limited in terms of available space due to doors and windows located along the length of the walls? If this is you, there is no need to despair.

The galley kitchen or the double-sided kitchen is a layout designed to meet your cooking and space requirements. Your storage space and work surfaces will be lined up on the space available on both sides of your kitchen walls.

But while it’s designed to work for limited space environments, you still need to resist the impulse to cram lots of things into it. For instance, there is a need for you to ensure that there are at least forty-seven inches between the two opposing kitchen units. This space will ensure that drawers and doors can easily be opened from both sides at any given time.

Where possible, make sure that two workspaces are not placed directly against each other. It ensures that different people can work inside the same kitchen without having to stand back-to-back or getting in the way of the other cook.

Picking a Kitchen Design, You Will Love

Picking a Kitchen Design, You Will Love
Before you set your mind on any layout, it will be best to first consider the available space, as well as the following crucial factors:

  1. Appliances: While remodelling guides will recommend that you choose the appliances after the remodel, this may not always work well for you. Aspiring chefs, for instance, should consider selecting their appliances before they can plan the remaining part of their remodel.
  2. Usage: Establishing the functions of your kitchen, including how you and the rest of the family makes use of it will help you create a room that can greatly improve your house. Determine whether you want to create a family gathering space or a chef’s paradise. They both have different requirements and functionalities.

Every kitchen design layout comes with a unique set of requirements. As a homeowner looking to renovate your kitchen, you may not always have an open mind on the design to go with during your remodel. Consult a kitchen renovation expert to gain some insight into what would work best for your home based on your cooking preferences and space availability.

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