How to Manage Animals Shedding in Your Home

Pets can provide love and comfort in the moments that you need it most. They are there for you when it seems like no one else is. However, it can be difficult to keep a pet at home with all the shedding. Cats and dogs alike come with a massive amount of hair whether you like it or not. It’s something you’ll have to be willing to live with if you want a pet.

Learn how to manage your animal’s shedding to make it bearable to live in the same house—making it possible for you to focus your time and energy loving on your cute and cuddly, four-legged family member.

The Difference Between Cats & Dogs

Both animals shed regularly. There are a few key differences you may consider if you’re on the fence about which pet to get.


The majority of dogs are larger than cats, so they tend to shed more hair. Most nearly every dog sheds. It just depends on the breed, how much hair they lose, and how often it falls out. When you’re determining what type of dog to get, make a list of the ones that shed the least. Your options will be limited, however. If there is a specific bread you want, you’ll have to accept if they shed massive amounts of hair. To help, here is a list of the most common dogs that shed the most.

  • German Shepherds
  • Welsh Corgi
  • Chow Chow
  • The Great Pyrenees
  • American Eskimo



They tend to use hair throughout the year; however, they shed their entire coats twice a year. In the spring, when the weather starts to warm up and they no longer need their undercoat. The second time is in the fall when they need to prepare to grow their new undercoat for winter.

If the thought of chasing your cat around all year with a lint roller seems unbearable, there are a few breeds that don’t shed. So you don’t have to comprise your clean home when you decide to get a pet. The most common cat breeds that don’t shed include:

  • Sphynx
  • Siamese
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • British Shorthair
  • Cornish Rex
  • Devon Rex

Why Animals Shed

Unfortunately, most cats and dogs do shed regularly. However, there are a few common reasons animals lose excessive amounts of hair. It’s essential to be observant so you can notice any changes to their daily shedding habits. Immediately reach out to your pet’s vet if you see they’re experiencing excessive hair as it could be life-threatening and require immediate action.

  • Stress – Your pets, especially dogs, can sense when things are wrong, or something is bothering you. When they feel stress, their hair tends to fall out at a rapid pace. It’s their body’s way of coping with the unknown, providing a defense mechanism, warning that they are in trouble. Provide them extra care and comfort during these times. If the hair-loss persists, take them o visit the vet.
  • Poor Nutrition – If an animal is lacking nutrients or has any allergies or food sensitives, they may shed more often than usual.
    Pay attention to your animals’ behavior and shedding habits. So, you can quickly diagnose any unusual behavior. Immediately change their diet if you think their current food is making them sick.
  • Fleas – Shedding due to fleas occurs most commonly around the neck and tail. The fleas can quickly invest an animal’s fur, causing painful irritation on the skin. If your animal goes on a scratching frenzy, they very well may have fleas. When they scratch uncontrollably, it’s much easier for them to lose their hair.

How to Clean Up Animal Hair


Lint rollers will be your daily saving grace when it comes to managing pet hair in your home. Keep one in every room of your house, car, and office. Make them easily accessible for guests in your home especially if they are allergic to your pet. The last thing they need is to walk around with animal hair on their clothes, making their allergies act up. You’d be surprised just how much hair clings to your clothes.

Using a lint roller makes it easy to remove the hair before anyone notices it.

It can seem overwhelming to try and manage cleaning up after your pets daily. Thankfully there is a wide variety of available products to help make the process easy. Shark pet vacuums and their accompanying accessories are made specially to clean up after your pet when they shed—so easy for you to vacuum up any hair laying around your home.

How to Reduce Shedding


Invest in a quality brush that is meant for daily grooming. It’s impossible to stop shedding entirely as it’s a normal process that is vital to your animal’s health. However, there are some ways to help prevent it from getting out of control. Here are three simple ways that you can help to reduce shedding.

  • Brush Your Pet Daily – Removing any excess hair from your animals will help to reduce shedding. Do it outside or on a tarp, so it’s easy to clean up.
  • Bathe Your Dog Regularly – Cats are the lucky ones and don’t usually require a bath. Dogs however, need at least one month a month. This will help release any fur hanging in their coat that is ready to be shed. And keep them from spreading dust and other allergens around your home.
  • Completely Dry Your Dog Off – Once you’ve bathed your dog, use a towel to wipe them down, utilize a blow dryer and brush to remove any loose hair, and dry them off completely before letting them escape to go outside and play.

You Don’t Have to Compromise

Luckily there is no need to choose between your pet and having a clean home. With so many great tools and resources, it’s easier now than ever to show love for your pet while keeping their shedding to a minimum.

If you’re in the process of deciding what type of pet to take into consideration the kind of shedding habits your potential pet has. It’s essential to prepare ahead of time if you bring home a loveable dog or cat that sheds year-round. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to have the best of both worlds.

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