20 Decorative Ideas for LED String Lights

String lights are a popular trend in home design décor. They offer an attractive and efficient means of lighting up any room in the home. They’re also fantastic at illuminating outdoor areas as well. Fairy lights are inexpensive and easy to set up, all you need to do is decide how you want to use them.

If you’re looking to light up your home with decorative ideas on a shoe-string budget, then consider using fairy lights to provide a chic, cosy feel to any room or outdoor living space.

Get creative with these 20 ideas for design fun with fairy lights available from www.koopower.com

1. Light Up Entrances to Your Home

Light Up Entrances to Your Home

Fairy lights aren’t just for the Christmas season; they make excellent all-year-round lightning solutions as well. Why use a lacklustre lamp when you can give your home a modern look with fairy lights?

Do something different with your front door and line the door-frame with fairy lights. Guests will be able to spot your home from the street and neighbours will marvel at your creative genius.

2. Create Coloured Lanterns

Create Coloured Lanterns
Tired of your living room lamp? Create a spectacular lightning effect with a few coloured bottles and some fairy lights.

Drop a string of fairy lights into an empty wine bottle and then drill a hole into the bottom corner to thread the power cable through. If you do it right, it will look like tiny fireflies buzzing around inside the bottle, increase the effect by adding multiple bottles.

3. Build an LED Fire-Pit

Build an LED Fire-Pit
A fire-pit provides a warm glow to any outdoor event. However, lighting a fire pit in the height of summer will chase away your guests with the heat and smoke from the flames. Avoid chasing away your friends. You can create a spectacular fire-pit effect with fairy lights instead.

Arrange logs in your fire-pit and drape a string of battery-operated, warm-white fairy lights around the wood. This idea makes for a fantastic conversation starter at your next get-together.

4. Divide the Room with Light

Divide the Room with Light
Do you have bland, lifeless wall dividing rooms in your home? Bring light into the bedroom or living area with fairy lights.

Punch out a few holes in the divider and fill them with strings of LEDs or cracked glass fairy light balls. This effect adds depth to the room and makes your home feel spacious and well-lit.

5. Spell Words with Fairy Lights

Spell Words with Fairy Lights
Searching for an idea to light up the lifeless wall in your living area or bedroom? Get creative by spelling out words with fairy string lights.

Sketch words that inspire you onto your wall with a pencil. After you’re finished drawing, check your work to ensure your word or words are appropriately proportioned.

Take a string of fairy lights and attach them to the wall over your sketched letters using an industrial stapler. Make sure you don’t push too hard on the wires when stapling them to the wall, as this could damage the power cable.

6. Make Your Next Event Shine

Make Your Next Event Shine
Are you planning a wedding reception or baby shower?

Fairy lights make a beautiful decorative addition to any venue. String fairy lights into shapes and hang them from the ceiling, and shape wire micro-fairy lights into table centre-pieces.

For something unique, use fairy light LED candles as table-lights or cracked glass fairy light balls for a dramatic lighting effect.

7. Illuminate Outdoor Party’s

Illuminate Outdoor Party’s
Visit KooPower and select fairy string lights you can use to illuminate walkways leading to your outdoor area. Hang battery-powered string lights and LED lanterns from willow trees for a breathtaking effect. You could also buy festoon lights and hang them around your garden they look great for any occasion.

If you’re hosting an evening event outdoors, use solar powered fairy lights to light up the entertainment area. These units use a solar panel to charge during the day and provide up to 6-hours of light in the evening. For your outdoor party’s you have to add some additional security. In this case, you can use solar flood lights.

8. Create a Compelling Centre-Piece

Create a Compelling Centre-Piece
If you’re planning your wedding reception, add some light to any centre-piece with a wire micro fairy light. Shape the lights around candles or floral arrangements to create a sparkling, chic effect that will amaze your guests.

9. Bring a Rug to Life

Bring a Rug to Life
Tired of your dull rug? Give it a decorative edge by weaving fairy string lights into the border. This idea works best with a shaggy rug. The sides conceal the cable while the lights refract off of the fibres to provide a glowing effect to the ground around it.

10. Illuminate Your Garden

Illuminate Your Garden
Drape lengths of solar-powered fairy lights across bushes, shrubs, and trees in your garden. Light up pathways to your gazebo and wrap strings of fairy lights around tree trunks for an alternative to traditional garden lights.

It’s easy to hide the solar panels away from view, and you can expect up to 6-hours of light in the evening from a full charge on a summer day.

11. Light Up the Heavens

Light Up the Heavens
Let your little one drift off into dreamland with a smile. Paint the ceiling of their nursey navy blue or black, then staple strings of fairy lights to provide a shimmering effect that mimics the night sky.

Star-shaped fairy lights are ideal for this project. Get creative and map out the constellations, use fairy light lanterns to represent the planets and the moon.

12. Hang Photo Frames with String Lights

Hang Photo Frames with String Lights
Add a new design dimension to boring photo and picture frames. Take a length of battery-powered fairy lights and use it to hang your photo frames or paintings. Drape the light strings over the edges of the frame to enhance the photos or artwork.

13. Wrap Fairy Lights Around Jars

Wrap Fairy Lights Around Jars
Use a mason jar as a make-shift lantern for indoor or outdoor applications. Take a length of silver-wire micro fairy lights and wrap them around the surface. Place the clear battery pack inside, and you have a portable lantern that’s perfect for outdoor parties.

14. Make Marquee Letters

Make Marquee Letters
One of the hottest lighting design trends of the year, marquee letters offer a compelling visual effect for your home. However, they cost a small fortune. Make your marquee letters for a fraction of the cost of buying them by using strings of fairy lights.

15. Light Up the Swimming Pool

Light Up the Swimming Pool
Are you fortunate enough to have a swimming pool in your garden? Use fairy lights to light it up at night.

Wrap a string of solar-powered fairy lights under the edge of your pool and water-proof the arrangement with some aquarium silicone. Watch as the beams of light dance across the pool’s surface and floor providing a spectacular visual that will intrigue and amaze your guests.

16. Get Creative with Designs

Get Creative with Designs
Fairy lights are available in different design styles. Need a lighting idea for this Halloween? Attach a string of pumpkin fairy lights to your door frame, and it’s an easy way to let the neighbourhood kids know you’re handing out free sweets.

With the festive season approaching fast, make your home stand out with Christmas-theme festoon lights. Add LED stars to your mantle and hand LED stars from your windows to celebrate the holiday season.

17. Cool White or Warm White?

Cool White or Warm White
Set the colour tone of your room using fairy lights. These LEDs are available in two different options: cool-white or warm-white.

Warm-white LEDs provide a soft glow that looks akin to candlelight or firelight. Warm LEDs are ideal for interior design ideas as the light is subtle and delicate.

Cool-white LEDs are bright. Use them in outdoor applications that require well-lit areas. Use them in décor ideas such as stars and snowflakes that need a white colour tone.

18. Sparkling Sea-Shells

Sparkling Sea-Shells
Jazz up your beach house with fairy light LEDs. Take a string of lights and mount small sea shells over the LED using superglue or a silicone-based adhesive. This idea provides a unique mini-lamp shade for each diode. String the lights around window and door frames.

19. A Fairy Floral Arrangement

A Fairy Floral Arrangement
Create a charming effect on your floral arrangement by weaving fairy lights through the flowers. In the evening light, the LEDs amplify the colours creating a magical visual effect. This idea works for static items like birdcages as well.

20. Hang a Sheer Curtain

Hang a Sheer Curtain
Create a charming hideaway in your home with fairy lights and a sheer curtain. Lay the curtain over strings of LED fairy lights. The sheer provides a translucent effect that gives a soft, subtle lighting effect. Ideal for the lounge or bedroom, this idea can turn a lifeless, colourless wall into a focus wall that captures the attention of your guests.

Choose the Best Fairy Lights from Koopower

These decor ideas only touch the tip of the iceberg. Get as creative as you can and use these flexible, efficient, and affordable LED lights to make design ideas that are practical and pretty.
KooPower is the industry leaders in fairy light technology. All their products come with a 12-month guarantee to ensure optimal operating efficiency and long service life. With exterior and interior fairy light options for your home, let Koopower bring the light into your life with fairy lights.

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