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How to Make Your Living Room Look More Expensive

How to Make Your Living Room Look More Expensive

Marbles from France, oaks from Europe, expensive cutlery from the finest craftsmen in England, the finest and rarest of wines from South Africa, and the sleekest and fastest automobile from Europe. This is more like the description of the itemson display in the house of the rich and the abode of the famous.

The question is why the fuss? Why the fuss over such ostentatious display of wealth and riches? Why the need to stock up rare and expensive items that have little use beside aesthetics? Only the rich know.
Many individuals, however, are not as buoyant as the extremely wealthy but still have a desire to make their living rooms look palatial and expansively expensive.If you are one of those desirous few, here is how to make your living room have that expensive look.

Buy quality not quantity

Buy quality not quantity

When making purchases for your living room always remember that less is certainly more.Most expensive looking houses are not necessarily filled with myriads of items.Rather they are adorned with few awe inspiring items that command attention. This is a vital lesson to be learned when making your choice. Say for example, you can have a luxurious modern piano. You can check out luxury pianos for sale online to find one that fits your living room.

Go for rare finishings

It is common knowledge that the rarer anitem is the more the valuableit ultimately becomes.Aclassic way to get that expensive facade is to adorn your living room with rarepieces, decorsand artefacts.Although everything rare comes at a cost, that’s the price to pay for trying to look affluent.

Bring in a grand piano

Bring in a grand piano
Remember the piano that was played on the Titanic or thatwhich was used during the inauguration of the first black president of America? These little items are timeless works of art that entirely transformed the ambience of where they sat.

At its best, nothing will make a living room look more expensive than a piano with a history. However, if your choice isn’t that grandiose and you simply want a piano with a modern touch or with a stamp of quality, like a Yamaha or a fazioli, you surely won’t go wrong purchasing this musical instrument to bring grandeur into your home. Whatever the case, nothing else speaks of taste like a piano in a living room.

Add a chandelier

Chandeliers always evoke a feeling of royalty and wealth.There is no mincing of words knowing that they are quite expensive to purchase but beautiful to behold. A living room lit by a chandelier or many chandeliers will definitely send the message home: Here lives an individual with an expensive taste.

Seal it up with an electronic home system

electronic home system
Whether you’re security conscious or unpretentiously trendy, one of the features that will make your living room look expensive is the presence of a fully connected electronic system with automated doors, windows,lighting, sound system, television, projectors and many other accessories that synchronize and work seamlessly. With everything connected and controlled by the flick of a button, nothing looks more extravagant than this.

Having a living room with an expensive look is admirable but having one that is both expensive and tastefully furnished is monumental and what you should aim for.All this requires is money but most importantly a brilliant taste and a keen eye for excellence.

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