8 Sub-Reddit for Woodworkers

How about getting a new idea for your new woodworking project or getting reviews from woodworkers for the tools you are going to buy?

Sounds interesting? You need to communicate with other woodworkers, and online communities are the best place to search.

While search engines handle most of your queries, Communities can be a great resource to learn a new way of woodworking. You should start getting involved in communities; who knows your first client!

Below we’ve listed eight sub-reddits for woodworking professionals or beginners. Start following these sub-reddits right now if you haven’t following.



Though this discussion group post about every possible tool one the earth. However, you can take an interest in woodworking tools related posts. Total 59k subs are there in the subreddit. Fortunately, all the posts get good comments which are a sign of nice subreddit.

wood working

If you have to choose only one subreddit to subscribe then go for this. This subreddit has whopping 1.2 million subscribers currently. On average, this subreddit has 400+ people online in anytime. People showcase their crafts, take advice, shares hacks daily in this subreddit. This community welcomes every type of woodworkers, i.e. beginner to professionals.


This is the largest community for DIY enthusiasts. Every “do it yourself” stuff that can be discussed here. Nevertheless, their community rules say, if you are showcasing your project, you must post pics from starting to ending. Which means, don’t just post completed project photo that’s meaningless for DIYers. Also, don’t post pics of the project which you don’t own. In conclusion, it’s an awesome community, join and start to explore.

Tool porn

Tool porn
This subreddit is almost identical of /r/Tools/ with lower follower base of 20k. However, there is nothing bad subscribing another community. If you analyze 10-20 recent posts, the community is more about hosting tools you have rather than learning things. I

Hand tools

This is a micro-community of 7k subscribers which focus only on hand tools. Even the group talks about traditional hand saws.

Wood working videos

This subreddit is about 11k subscribers which focus on videos. Videos can be anything about woodworking. If you are a guy who prefers video than text, this is the perfect subreddit for you.

Wood carving

Wood carving
Who doesn’t love to watch wood carving? Projects, where you need wood crafting, can get lots of ideas from here. This subreddit is not for general woodworking things like sanding, cutting etc. This group member loves to show off their creative skills. With decent no of followers of 29.3k, this subreddit is an add-on for any woodworkers.

Beginner Wood Working

A small community dedicated to woodworking stuff. As the name suggests, the motto of this group is to help beginner woodworkers. There is no shame asking easy questions because you are in a newbie friendly group. The group has 15k subscribers and counting.

Wood working tools

Wood working tools
This just another subreddit with a tiny base of a 2k subscriber. This is optional for you to subscribe. However, I repeat, there is nothing wrong subscribing another subreddit.

So, these are eight must follow sub-reddit for woodworkers. Not to mention, always be friendly to the community, follow group rules, else there’s a high chance you’ll get banned. Also, you can connect reddit to email via ifttt, in case you want updates to your inbox directly.

let us know any query in comments.

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