How to Make the Most of a Small Garde

As Americans, many of us are lucky to have a larger garden especially if we’re from more rural communities. However, those that are close to the city may find their garden isn’t as large as they hoped and feel like because of the size, there’s nothing that can be done with it to make it look good.

I disagree.

I think with the right equipment and mindset, it’s possible to create a beautiful outdoor living space, no matter the size. For example, back when I lived in London, I didn’t technically have a garden as I was in a condo (or, flat as the Brits call it). Although the average length of a garden over there is around 50ft long, in London, garden space came at a premium and there was no way I could afford a house close enough to central London with a garden.

So I made the most of what I had and turned my very small balcony as a miniature garden. I built some wooden flower boxes with the help of my carpenter friend and journalist Kyle Powell from THEGOODESTATE and it just added a spot of green to a very concrete-clad city.

So, here are my top tips to make the most out of small garden spaces!

Place Plant Boxes Under the Window

Place Plant Boxes Under the Window

I love building upwards in small spaces, if there’s no floor space, use the walls – by having a place to grow flowers in your garden you’ll instantly brighten up the area, no matter the size.

Create Sections

If you have a small garden it’s a great idea to have mini sections, perhaps each with an individual feature that you’ve always wanted. Trysomething a little different to a traditional lawn; add a small bit of decking to place a table and chairs on, use gravel or even get a small water feature – small birds will love this in the summer months.

Create an Area for Entertainment

Entertaining might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to cramming people in your tiny back yard, however, entertaining guests is possible even in the smallest of spaces. Building a large wrap-around seating area will see you fitting in more guests than you thought possible. You could even have a small fire pit as a centerpiece for the area.

Use Paving Stones

Paving stones are said to be the thing that can make or break your garden design. Having small stepping or paving stones leading to a sitting area is better than a solid path in small gardens because it gives you the opportunity to work with all the small spaces that are in between. These spaces could be creatively filled with bark chippings, soil or even some of your favorite plants.
Use Paving Stones

Modern Water Features

Having a modern style water feature is a great space saver. Instead of having something traditional looking that is round and sits I the center of the garden why not have a water wall built in the corner of the garden? Tall water features like these also double as a nice backdrop for a lounge area as you can usually custom design the tiling.

Use Hammocks

No room for chairs? Then why not set up a hammock or two. They sit above the ground so there’s no need to worry about forgoing the all-important floor space and they just feel more fun too. There’s nothing better than swinging softly in a hammock whilst reading a book on a summer’s afternoon!

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