8 Ways to Keep Your Pool in Tiptop Shape

Having a pool at home is great, except for one thing – maintenance. If you own one, you probably know how cumbersome and expensive keeping your pool well-maintained and spotlessly clean. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be as arduous as it seems.

Although every pool has a different maintenance needs, they have one thing in common: They all require routine care. If you consistently do simple pool maintenance tasks, you can keep your pool in great shape and enjoy it for years to come. Below we list some of the things you can do to maintain your pool.

Skimming the pool’s surface

One simple yet very effective way to clean your pool is by skimming its surface. Floating debris, if not removed, will eventually settle onto the pool’s floor or walls. Once they’ve settle, they are more difficult to remove.
Skimming the pool’s surface

Regularly clean your pool using a leaf skimmer or hand skimmer to remove bugs, leaves and other floating rubbish. Aside from keeping the pool visibly clean, it also increases the efficiency of your pool’s circulation system and lowers the amount of chlorine required. At the same time, you should clear the strainer baskets at least once a week for better circulation.
Vacuum the pool once a week

Make sure you invest in a reliable pool vacuum. There are numerous types of pool cleaners. Some of the best pressure side pool cleaners are capable of sucking up leaves, sticks, and other debris. They are fully automatic and are equipped with rotating brushes that sweeps the entire floor of the pool. There are also manual pool cleaners that can be used to clean the pool’s surface (just like vacuuming carpet). Use the pool cleaner at least once a week to help minimize the amount of chemicals needed and keep the water clear.

Scrub the tile and walls

Alongside vacuuming, you should also brush the walls and tile to prevent calcium deposits and algae buildup. Without proper attention, mineral buildup can turn into a major problem. Be sure to choose cleaning equipment and chemicals that are appropriate to the material of your pool walls. For example, softer brush is recommended for fiberglass or vinyl walls, stiff brush for plaster-lined concrete, and soft brush for tile. For stubborn grime, use putty knife or pumice stone plus a mixture of cleaning agent for better cleaning.

Clean the pool filter

Regardless of the type of pool filter use, all require periodic cleaning based on how often the pool is used and the type of filter. Follow the recommended cleaning frequency as “over-cleaning” might actually render the filtration process less effective. Trapped particles in the filter actually help trap other debris. However, the filter should not get too dirty and blocked. In case the flow between the pressure gauge and flow meter increases, then it’s time to clean the filter.
Clean the pool filter

Maintain consistent chemical levels

Maintaining the proper chemical levels of the pool is probably the most crucial aspect of pool maintenance. It’s not enough that you use the best pool chemicals. You have to maintain the proper chemical balance. If the chemical balance is not achieved, the water may look murky, turn your pool into a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, or cause eyes and skin irritation to its users.

Regularly test the water using pool testing kits. These are very easy to use and can help you guarantee that all the chemicals are properly balanced. It should keep pool water clean, avoid residue, and have no scent.

Clear your pool of oil

Ever wondered how oil gets into the pool water? It may not be apparent but swimmers leave certain oils in the water, such as the components of hair product, sun block lotion, and natural oils produced by our skin. So even if you don’t actually spill oil into it, you can still see traces of oil over the surface. To clear oil, you simply throw a tennis ball into the water. The fibers that make up the tennis ball can effectively absorb oil.

Observe for potential leak

Observe whether your pool water is losing unusual volume of water. Although it is normal for water level to gradually go down due to evaporation, sudden loss could mean there is leak. You may need to call a professional to find leaks and patch them up. It is best to schedule annual service appointment to check for any potential problems. It might be tempting to cancel these professional checks, but being proactive is essential to maintain your pool in perfect shape.

Maintain water level

Maintain water level
Check the water level weekly. As mentioned above, water loss is normal due to use, evaporation and possible leaks. Make sure the water level doesn’t dip below the skimmer. When this happens, the pump will overwork and may be damaged. You can use a garden hose to refill water and keep it in normal levels. Don’t let the pool sit empty for a long time. Even during winter, it is best to leave the pool with water to prevent potential damages.

Lastly, make sure your pool is secured for the winter season. Follow the steps recommended to properly winterize your pool. This should help avoid unwanted expenses in repairs for the next season.
Keeping your pool in tiptop condition may require extra work, but it doesn’t have to be cumbersome. By consistently following these simple pool maintenance routines, you can ensure that you’ll enjoy your pool for many more years.

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