How to Make a Small Apartment Feel Like a Big Home: 5 Easy Tips to Use While Organizing a Living


Small Apartment Feel Like a Big Home2

Today people are hooked on stunning looks of big homes and residences, yet not so many of us can actually afford living like this on a daily basis. While the richest of us try to impress their audience, buy Instagram followers and fancy apartments and go for vacations in uncommon hotels, we can organize our living in a way that will look no worse than all of the above. Here are 4 easy steps towards a comfy and amazing looking apartment, no matter the size it is.

Zoning is key. This is the most important tip of all of them — while planning how you want the things to look like, create a scheme and zone the territory of the apartment according to your preferences. To zone use the furniture itself (the right sides and the right corners might work as nice separators), plants, folding screens if there are any available, carpets and basically anything in your interior that can stand and separate one area from another. Using this method you can create yourself several even areas that will replace a bedroom, a living room and a cabinet all in one space.

Small Apartment Feel Like a Big Home

Use the correct color scheme. We’d advise you to not use the dark colors and undertones, as brighter ones can definitely make an area look bigger than it is. Pastels, whites, bright colors and printed wallpapers can work great separately or together; creating different patterns and structures on walls is also a good choice. But be careful with color coordination though; if you know that you might not do well, use Google and find some palettes and websites that have special spreadsheets that help with orienting in this question.

There are never enough mirrors! Well, within reasonable limits, for sure. But if we continue the theme of making something look bigger, mirrors will work greatly, especially in the “living room” and the “bedroom” zones. You can use small ones and hang them on the walls, or you could use a floor mirror to create a more spacious corner or separate one zone from another like we’ve told you in the first tip.
Don’t go for cheap furniture and interior decor, if you have a chance to do so. It’s always better less, but better. Minimalism is also a big thing nowadays, plus if you really want to make something look good, you just have to invest in it. So instead of buying several substandard armchairs and a weird looking couch, buy one thing and furnish it profitably.

Small Apartment Feel Like a Big Home1

If you can order a design project of an apartment, do so. Even if you think that you have seen tons of beautiful interiors and you can definitely compose something good looking, you’re probably wrong. In a meaning that you won’t be able to take in consideration all the small details that are important in day to day living: each thing in the interior has its own arrangement and only a professional can take it into account. So if you want to always want to come back home and have a fun and pleasant time inside, try to spend enough money — especially if you need to properly furnish a small apartment. By the way, a design project can be bought from a design student — the price will be lower, and the quality and relevance will possibly be even higher.

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