The Importance of Foundation Repair Under Your Home


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The structural strength of your home depends on its foundation. However, not all homeowners really think much about it—oftentimes, the foundation is the most unnoticed and unappreciated part of the house. But when your home’s foundation is not well grounded and firm enough, your house is at a higher risk of destruction as time goes by. 

A weak foundation may not be able to carry the structure’s weight for a long time and will then show signs of cracks and falling pieces of debris. That itself can cause a negative impact on your property value. Plus, the safety of your household will be put at risk too. 

That is why it’s essential that you conduct foundation repair at least once a year, even if you are not experiencing any obvious damage or problems with your house’s foundation. It’s better if potential signs of damage are spotted earlier to make sure they are fixed as soon as possible. The longer minor damage goes unrepaired, the bigger the problem can become if left unresolved.  

Foundation repairs may be costly, but they are definitely worth the cost. To give you a better idea, here are the reasons why foundation repair under your home is very important.

1. Check for any foundation cracks

Seeing cracks in your foundation is the first noticeable sign that your house is damaged. Unfortunately, some homeowners just let cracks be, especially if it’s a small one. Cracks are actually a sign that your home may be experiencing pressure from the ground, causing it to shift and create cracks. These cracks will get worse over time due to the weight of your house’s structure. 

To prevent the damage from worsening, it’s recommended that you call a professional foundation repair service like Foundation Repair Boston. They will be the ones who will assess and discover the leading cause of your house’s cracks and do necessary repairs. They’ll create additional support under your existing foundation. Plus, it’ll prevent any future cracks from being developed in the future.

2. Enhance your house’s structure

Through proper foundation repairs, you can guarantee that your home’s structure is safer and sturdier. It’ll give you a peace of mind knowing that you don’t rely on the soil itself to support your home. Durable vertical piers will be installed to prevent your house from any movement.

If you’re constructing a new house, make sure you the construction workers will install preventative foundation repair. The more your house is firm during its first construction, the more you save up on any costly foundation repairs in the future.

3. Inspect if you have uneven floors

bitumen waterproofing of the foundation

Have you recently noticed that your floor is looking uneven? If they appear to be in a sloping position, it’s a sign that you should call for foundation repair immediately. Uneven floors mean there’s shifting or movement happening under your floors. If your floor is made of wood, it will show signs of bending rather than cracks. 

The only way to resolve this problem is by repairing the foundation itself. This is not a task that can be easily DIY by the house owner. Calling the experts will help assure that they apply the best solution for the type of floor you have. They will also find the right materials to match the existing soil that your house was built into.

4. Avoid potential roof damage

Foundation repair isn’t limited to your floors. Foundation repair experts will also check your roofs to see if there are any signs of dips or sagging. If they spot any of these signs on your roof, it means that your foundation is already damaged. It cannot anymore hold up and support your roof completely due to the existing damage.  

Furthermore, if your roof won’t be fixed anytime soon, your house has a higher risk of collapsing due to the heavy pressure from the roof. This means your home will no longer be secure and safe for your family members to live in. Conducting foundation repairs is a sure way to prevent this type of major problem.

5. Check if you have proper drainage system

As part of avoiding foundation problems, foundation repair experts also check if you have a good and proper drainage system. They see to it that your gutters are clear and the water is running in the right direction, away from your foundation. If your house doesn’t have proper drainage, water may cause soil erosion under your house and will apply pressure towards the foundation leading to damage. Moreover, water may also get stuck and seep into your cracks, causing molds to grow and softening any material or wood it touches. Overall, water damage can be a big problem for your house’s foundation if not inspected thoroughly.

Wrapping Up

With regular foundation repair, all the potential foundation problems will be avoided and repaired at the earliest time possible. The experts can give you peace of mind that your house’s structure is strong enough to withstand the test of time. You don’t have to wait for a sign or symptom to show in your foundation before deciding to do something about it.

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