How to Make a New Social Network after Moving?

Moving is quite a stressful event in life and one of the biggest things that generate stress is to leave your friends. Yes, if you are also moving then this might be causing stress in your mind. But relax now with the help of numerous options, you can still stay connected with your friends via phone, internet and so on. But the difficulty is how you will make a new friend circle in a new city where everything will be unfamiliar to you from things to people and almost everything. Luckily if you put in some effort then you can create a good social network there also. Check out these tips: 

Note down the names of people you already know:

The easiest way to build your network in the new place is to list down the names of all people you know beforehand in the new city you are shifting to. These people can be your old colleagues, school or college friends, old neighbours, and relatives. You should also add those people who used to live in your new city as they can provide you guidance to settle down easily. After making the list, contact them with the help of calls or emails so that you can reconnect with them. Make plans, go out, and have quality time.

Social Network after Moving2

Connect with the pals of your pals:

Usually, it is difficult to engage and make a brand-new social circle. But it takes less time to connect with your pals. Just ask your current mates if they are in contact or are friends with anyone in the new city you just shifted to. If there is anyone then contact them. When you can establish contact, reach out to those people, tell them about your and their common friend and ask them to meet you.

Use social media platforms to form your social circle:

People who want to build their social network after reallocating to the new city can use different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Snapchat, etc. Nowadays everyone uses these social media platforms so it is easier to make a new and lively social circle. You can also join the social media groups of that particular city or area where you have just relocated. This way you will come across the local beings in your locality. Posting about your transition on social media will also introduce you to new people.

Seek out shared activities:

When you reach there into a new city, it is time to join the activities group which you enjoy doing. When you join such structured events then higher are the chances that you will talk to the people present there and will make a connection with those people. Also, you can join the shared activities in which your objective and achievement are dependent on others. This helps you to increase your social network and also you will love the time you spend there in the new city. 

Social Network after Moving3

Use mobile apps to build a social network:

Several tech-savvy mobile apps are specifically designed for people who want to build their social network in a new area. The experts at the best cross country movers suggest that one can now form your social circle by just sitting at your home. All you need to do is download the apps that allow people to engage with different social groups and fill in the required information about you such as your name, qualification, current job, ids on different social media platforms, current address, interests, hobbies, etc. If you are not aware of any such app then you can search online to find the apps to befriend beings having common interests.

Invite your colleagues and neighbours to a welcome party:

You may feel downhearted in the new place as you don’t have any mates around and are living among strangers. It’s time to take one step ahead and make new pals in the new place. A great way to do this is to organize a welcoming party. Invite all your co-workers and neighbours. This welcoming party is an opportunity with the help of which you can formally introduce yourself to the local society and can interact with the local people. You never know you may find the best social circle.

In beginning, go narrow with the connections:

Making connections is important but you should never go behind the numbers, you should try to make deep connections with people. You should try to make an authentic relationship with people and also make sure you are making connections with the right people and not with just anyone. 


Your network helps you to get success and grow in your life but ensure that the network influences you positively. At once, moving can make you feel like you have taken a few steps back but considering it an opportunity to make new friends could help you and will give you the required strength to make a new friend circle.  

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