How to Hire a Roofing Contractor

Suppose you found a leak or identified warped shingles on your roof. Your first instinct would be to search for a roofing company or contractor to help fix the issues. During such a decision, one would have to consider hiring an independent contractor or roofing company for the project. While independent roofing contractors might be helpful for fast and straightforward repairs, it may take them longer to complete larger projects compared to roofing companies. So, how do you hire a roofing contractor? At Renova Roofing & Construction’s roofers in Ocean Springs, we have come up with this guide to help you find a reliable roofer near you. 

Compare Rates

Whether you’re working on a budget or not, it would be unwise to hire the first company that pops up on your screen. Similarly, searching for the company with the lowest rates doesn’t necessarily mean that you would get similar quality services as those with average prices. It would be helpful to compare the rates of different roofing companies within your region to get exposure to all the service providers and select the one that suits your roofing needs. 

Check for References

Every legitimate business that claims to have years of experience in their designated industry should be capable of providing their clients with a few references. This includes roofing companies. You should always check for references from the company you’re considering and reach out to their previous clients to get their actual opinion on the contractor. Some companies might give you references for people they may have paid for good reviews or their staff. Therefore, ensure you get more than one reference to prevent such incidents. 

Search for Locally Owned Businesses

While there are many nationally owned roofing contractors, a local business that has built a considerable reputation and experience in your region can be more convenient. If anything goes wrong with the roofing project, you can easily contact them, and they can find their way to you in less time since they have a locally-based office. Similarly, since every state comes with different roofing codes, a locally owned company would be well conversant with these regulations while handling your roofing needs. 

Ask Friends and Family

The chances are that a friend or family member of yours might have experience dealing with a roofing contractor. These people can be a great source of recommendations because they got first-hand experience working with such businesses and can give you a heads up on whom you’re about to hire. 

Check for Licensing

It might be hard to find a genuine license on an independent roofing contractor than an entire company. While these independent contractors offer affordable rates, they might be functioning illegally, and hiring them might put you in future trouble with your insurance policy provider. 

Check for Insurance

During roofing projects, accidents can occur, causing damages or injuries. Regardless of whether the disaster is minor or severe, an insured contractor can release you of any liability. If you happen to hire an uninsured roofing contractor, you risk catering to all accident or damage costs, and your insurance policy provider might deny you compensation. 

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Get Everything in Writing

Before hiring any roofing contractor, ensure you are aware of their expectations, and them aware of yours. It would help if you also got everything in writing to collect evidence of a contract and prevent miscommunication between both parties. 

Look for Warranties

Any company that offers a warranty for their work stands by it entirely. This means that they can guarantee you quality roofing services and take it upon themselves to fix any issues that turn up with your roof for free after completing the project. Be sure to pay attention to such companies because their services are usually exceptional. 

Consider a Company That Specializes in Your Needs

Many nationally owned companies deal with interior and exterior house renovations, including roofing services. While such companies might have experience handling roofing projects, it would be wise to consider hiring a company specializing in roofing alone. This ensures that the contractor has the necessary experience and skills required to handle your specific roofing problem. 

Choose a Company That Offers a Free Estimate or Bid

Any roofing company should be willing to assess the damages on your roof for free to determine an estimate of the total cost. This helps you determine whether or not you can work with the company without going over your budget. If you come across a company that wants to charge you for the estimate, move your interests to the next listing. 

Look for Pictures

When going through a company’s website, be sure to take note of pictures of recent projects. Detailed images with descriptions can guarantee a company’s legitimacy and prevent you from working with scammers. 

Looking for a Reliable Roofer? Reach Out to Us

If you live around Ocean Springs and are looking for a reliable roofer near me, reach out to us at Renova Roofing & Construction for our services. We offer competitive market rates and provide all our clients with highly skilled and experienced roofers for every project. Contact us today for a free estimate or visit our website for more information. 

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