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A slate roof can last for more than a century, which is why people prefer it over other materials. It also comes in a wide variety of patterns, variations, hues, and styles giving your house an appealing look. Due to its durability and aesthetic appeal, it has become the go-to choice for many building projects. If you want to install a slate roof over your house, you may require the assistance of BRAX Roofing out of Fairfax. However, you should learn more about slate roofs before deciding to get them installed on your property. 


Many homeowners prefer slate roofs because of their timeless appeal and excellent durability. Slate is also available in numerous colors. The most common are blue-grey, black, grey, brick red, shades of green, and mottled varieties and mottled varieties. Besides natural colors, you can dye the slates to get any color pattern or shade you want. 

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Slate roofs are known to last for a long time. A slate roof can last sixty to two hundred years with a little maintenance and the right materials. That’s a lifespan you won’t get with roofing materials like wood or asphalt. Roofing companies guarantee a long lifespan for their slate roof systems. As the roofing material is not manufactured, there is no possibility of having manufacturer defects. While many other kinds of roofing systems require repair and maintenance within a decade, your slate roof can last you for at least a hundred years. 

Slate can also withstand adverse weather much better than most of the other materials. Researchers measured the slate’s bending strength under various temperatures. They did so by subjecting it to a repeated cycle of thawing and freezing and found that the stone indeed became slightly more flexible as a result. 

Insulation Value

Because of its hardness and density, slate has excellent insulation properties. It is impossible for hot or cold air to pass through a slate roof. You will feel more comfortable in a home with a slate roofing system. A slate roof installation will also help you save money over time as it helps to reduce the electricity bill. Installing a slate roof on your house significantly increases its resale value. The permanence, aesthetic appeal, and durability of slate will make your home more appealing to prospective buyers if you ever want to sell it.


Natural stone does not burn because of which slate is great roofing material. Slate will crack only under extreme heat. As slate is non-conductive, electricity cannot pass through it, reducing the risk of electrical hazards. Since slate is a natural stone, it is more durable than any other man-made material. Slate will not absorb water due to its high density. It is non-combustible and will protect your home even from fire. Slate is also resistant to inclement weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, making it ideal in areas prone to snow, heavy rain, and wind.

Installation Issues

As people do not use slate roofs much anymore, few companies and contractors know how to install this material properly. Even if you find a reliable slate roof contractor, they could charge you more for offering specialized services. When hiring a roofing company for a slate roof installation, you should see a few of their past works. You must ensure that they have installed at least a few slate roofing systems previously. 

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Slate is heavy roofing material weighing between eight hundred to fifteen hundred pounds per square foot. Your house needs to be well-reinforced, structurally sound, and strong to have a slate roofing system. If your house does not have the structural support required to take the weight of a slate roof, additional reinforcement will have to be installed.

Impact Resistance

Even though slate is quite resistant to extreme weather conditions, it does not offer great impact resistance. A sharp object can break the roof’s stone tiles. Nevertheless, slate can endure large hailstones. However, anything stronger than hailstones could shatter or crack these roofing tiles. Even a professional roofer could accidentally break a stone tile while stepping on it. Because of their lack of flexibility, they can crack, split, or chip easily. 

Replacing Shingles

Slate tiles might slightly differ from each other in shape and size. These variations between the tiles make it difficult to replace shingles. 

Slate roofing systems are not the perfect choice for everybody, even though they offer many benefits. However, you can go for it if you can maintain it well. 

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