How to Find the Best Landscaper in Cornwall, NY

A beautiful compound is one of the most attractive aspects of a home. Beautifully manicured lawns with neatly pruned hedges, pretty flowers, and lush green grass are appealing to the eye and can increase the value of your property if you’re trying to sell a new house or you simply want to renovate how your yard looks.
However, if you are new to landscaping, then the myriad of choices available can leave you overwhelmed. This makes it very important to consult a professional landscaper. Cornwall, NY, has some of the best landscapers in the industry. Below is a detailed guide on how to hire one. But first, let’s look into what landscaping involves.

What is Landscaping?

Landscaping simply refers to the design, modification, and maintenance of the land surrounding property. It includes residential areas, office space, and public amenities such as parks.

Contrary to popular belief, landscaping does not just apply to lawns and gardening. It also incorporates aspects of art, architecture, horticulture, and exterior design. Features such as patios, walls, pathways, decks, and gazebos are also part of a landscaping project.

As cities continue to expand, so does the need for communal and residential green spaces.


How to Find a Good Landscaper, Cornwall, NY

1. Confirm Their Credentials

Any landscaper Cornwall NY worth their salt should have the credentials to boot. Check independent sites such as HomeAdvisor for reviews and referrals. You can also check online databases, which are available in most states. Experienced contractors and established firms tend to have the best reviews and are always licensed and insured.

2. Know the Cost Beforehand

Some landscapers charge using hourly rates while others charge per project. Knowing how much they charge also helps you budget yourself accordingly. Some contractors can only do minor projects that require little maintenance whereas others specialize in more complex pieces of architecture and horticulture.

3. Evaluate Your Needs

If you don’t know what you want or need, you won’t know what to look for either. You need to figure out your landscaping needs. What ideas do you have for your property? Are they purely cosmetic? Can you afford regular upkeep and maintenance? How often will you need to hire specialists or consultants?


4. Be Specific

Landscaping is an extensive field. Some practitioners may be general contractors who only do landscaping as part of their portfolio, but it is not their area of specialization. Others are gardeners, designers, or architects. When scouting amongst professionals, be sure to ask them what their area of specialization is.

Bring the Great Outdoors to Your Doorstep

Even in an urban state such as New York, many people still feel the need to commune with nature and spend time in the great outdoors. The good news is with landscapers in Cornwall you can bring nature closer. Whether it’s flowerbeds, animal-shaped hedges, a neatly manicured lawn, or a deck where you can hold parties; there’s something for everyone.

It can be an intimidating venture to wade into, but you have already made your first step by reading this article. Now you too can have a beautiful outdoor space to retreat to, whether it is at home or within your business environment.

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