How to Ensure a Successful Moving Day

Moving is always stressful. The process of finding a reliable moving company, neatly packing up everything you own, traveling to a new location, and then unpacking everything you own can seem overwhelming, even if you’re only moving a short distance away. But don’t despair. Movers in NYC, although moving can seem like an incredibly complex procedure, if you follow these simple guidelines, your move can be carried out with a minimum of stress.

1. Pick a moving team early

When picking a moving team, you should be sure that you are selecting professionals. The safety of your items are dependent on the moving team that you choose, so if you want to avoid broken objects, property damage, and are even more expensive than you expected, you should make sure to do your research. Once you have determined that your moving team is professional, ask them to do a valuation to ensure that they will bring a properly-sized moving van and the correct number of team members to help you relocate.

2. Write a checklist of the things you need to pack

3. Sell or throw away anything that you don’t need

This will make the process of packing much simpler.

4. Make sure you use the right storage boxes

If you don’t use corrugated storage boxes to store your things, you run the risk of your property being damaged. It’s also important to make sure the boxes are large enough to store everything that needs to go in them, and to use special storage containers for fragile items like TVs, computers, and anything made of glass.

5. Label the boxes

This will make unpacking easier, and help you to stay organized and avoid losing things.


6. Make sure to bring the essentials

If you arrive at your new house before the moving truck does, you want to be sure that you have clothes, food, personal hygiene products, and sleeping bags. This is especially important if you are flying to your new home.

7. Stay Safe!

Bring a medical kit so that you are prepared for emergencies while en route to your new home.

8. Keep the children entertained

If you have kids, and the move is going to be a long one, make sure they have distractions such as movies, coloring books, small toys, and handheld games.

9. Contact utility providers

Ensure that the gas, water, electricity, internet, and telephone providers for your new home have been contacted and paid so that you will not have to go without any of these utilities when you arrive at the home.

10. Notify the banks about your move

You should also inform any other commercial connections, such as insurance companies, that you may have.

11. Get insurance

If something is damaged or lost during the move, it’s important to have insurance that covers these items.


12. Choose new schools

If you have kids, you may need to enroll them in a new school. Even if you are not moving far enough away to necessitate a change in schools, you should contact the school which your children currently attend so that they are aware of the change in your address.

13. Inform your friends and family about the move

You want them to know where you’re going and how to contact you.

14. Make lists

If something goes wrong, it’s useful to have a comprehensive list of what’s moving with you.

15. Make sure your house is clean when you move out of it

Someone else will probably be moving in eventually, and they’ll appreciate the lack of clutter.

16. Don’t rush

You don’t need to unpack everything as soon as you arrive. Take some time to relax.

If you follow these instructions, your move should go relatively smoothly. Movers in NYC, I wish you good luck!

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