How to Find Residential Painters That You Can Trust


Residential Painters

Finding the right painters to do a paint job in your home isn’t easy. While a well-executed paint job can make your house a joy to come home to, a botched one can leave you annoyed for years and a few thousand dollars in the hole.

With thousands of people in Perth and its surrounding areas offering painting services, narrowing down your choices isn’t always easy. Here we tell you how to find the right painting contractors to work on your home.

1.) Define your repainting goals

Some residential repainting jobs are bigger than others. The scope and scale of a simple touch-up of the exterior walls will be different from a comprehensive job that covers all parts of your house. Interior paint jobs typically require a bit more time for preparation and precision compared to jobs that are exterior only. A repaint that coincides with a remodelling project will also have its own set of complications.
Define your repainting goals
You’ll also want to define how fast of a turnaround time you are willing to deal with. While some professional painters such as Elite Painting in Perth can perform a wide variety of residential paint jobs quickly, many other painters may not have the resources or experience to perform complex paint jobs within a time frame comfortable for you.

You may want to consult an interior designer or similar expert to help you better define specific goals for your house’s paint job. This will usually help you get better-looking results compared to just planning it alone.

2.) Ask friends, neighbours, and interior designers for local recommendations

What better way to find residential painters Perth property owners rely on than to talk to those who have recently had interactions with local painters? You may already know a few people in your neighbourhood who can point you in the right direction. If you consulted with an interior designer, they may also have a few trusted contacts ready to do the job for you.

3.) Find residential painters online

Checking online is crucial for expanding your choices beyond what your current circle of friends and neighbours know about. Most professional commercial and residential painters in Perth have a presence online. Many already have reviews from customers available for you to check, making it simple to have an idea of what kind of service you can expect.

4.) Narrow down your choices

Narrow down your choices
By now, you’ll have plenty of painters to choose from. The next step is to try to narrow down your choices to at least three that you feel you might be more comfortable with. This will make it simpler to decide on your final pick.

5.) Talk to the painters

At this point, you should try to call or visit the different painters you’ve selected. Find out if they know what they’re talking about, check their qualifications and accreditation, and make sure you’re comfortable dealing with them. If you’re having a major paint job done, the contractors they send might be on your property for several days or even weeks, so, you must be assured that you’re in good hands.

6.) Check out their previous work

The painters should be able to point you to examples of their previous jobs. If you’re able to visit those locations, that can give you a firsthand look at the quality of their work.

7.) Check or ask for a guarantee

Perth is the sunniest major city in Australia and also has its share of torrential rains. These conditions can easily cause premature fading or chipping on both exterior and interior coats if they are done with substandard paints or are applied incorrectly.
Check or ask for a guarantee
If painters can offer a guarantee on their work, this can go a long way in ensuring that you are getting value for your money. Painting services like Elite Painting offer guarantees as long as five years, making these types of services your best bet.

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