Signs Your Homes Slab May Be Leaking

If you have a leaking slab this can lead to big trouble with your home. You can tell if you have an issue with the slab of your home if your water bill is higher than usual. You also look for buckling around the floor and possible discoloration. You should also call a professional so they can perform a leak detection service. There are some signs that your home slab may be leaking.

High Water Bill

If your water bill is much higher than usual and your household activity did not change this can be a sign there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. This is when you should call a plumber for leak detection. A leak slab expert will check the slab of your home and determine if there is where the leak is coming from. The water bill will be higher because the leak causes the water to run all day and night. This will cause your bill to increase a significant amount. You want to check your slab so you can get it fixed and not waste any more money on water due to a leak.
High Water Bill


If you have tile you will notice that there will be changes to the flooring. If the water comes out there may be puddles forming around the home. If the flooring is tile, the color of the tile and the grout will begin to fade or look discolored. If the flood is severe, the floor will start to buckle. The same thing is said for hardwood floors. The hardwood will turn a different color and it can begin to buckle. The wood that is affected by the leak will be a different color than the wood on the rest of the flooring. You will also notice a change in the color of linoleum and similar types of flooring.


If there is carpet around the area of the leak it will show signs of damage too. The carpet will feel damp. If this area of carpet is pulled back it may be common to see mold or mildew. If there is a major leak the carpet will begin to develop puddles. If you do not notice there is a problem right away you will begin to notice the smell of mildew. Once you smell this you need to look for signs of a leak and water damage. Mold can also have a smell and it can be toxic if it is left untreated. You want to make sure the leak is fixed so you do not have a buildup of mold or mildew in your home.

Low Water Pressure

If you notice that your water pressure is low and it is for more than one day there is a problem. The water is leaking and it will not be able to reach the faucet. If you leak on the hot water side your water heater will be running around the clock. You may have some areas that are hot when you first turn on the faucet. You will also notice the lower water pressure when you shower or wash dishes among other activities. If your slab is leaking you will notice that the water pressure is constantly low.
Low Water Pressure

Pools of Water

You are not supposed to have pools of water in your home. If there is a leak in the slab the water will begin to pool around the foundation. It will eventually find a way to escape. The water may pool around the outside of the home as it finds a path out. If you do not have a hose or anything else in the area that may be leading to these puddles there is a chance you have a leaking slab. You may also see water pools in odd places such as the kitchen or the bathroom flooring. If no appliances in these rooms are leaking there is a chance the slab can leak.

Hot Spots On The Floor

If there is a leak in the slab and it is affecting the hot water side, the hot water is going to heat the concrete that is directly above it. The concrete will transfer the heat to your flooring. If you have carpet is it going to be hard to find the hot areas. The padding and the carpet will absorb most of the heat. If you have hardwood or linoleum flooring you will notice hot spots on your floor. If you live in a cold climate your pets may lay on specific parts of the floor. This will seek out the warm spots. If your cat or dog lays in a specific area you may want to see if it was hot.

Cold Spots

You may also notice that certain areas of your floor are cold. If the leak is on the cold water side you may have cold spots on your floor. You should check the rest of the flooring and if one spot is colder than the others this can be a sign that you leak the slab.
Cold Spots

Sound of Running Water

If you hear the sound of running water and it is constant and no one in the home is using the water this can be a sign of a leak. If the faucet is not leaking you may leak into the slab. To check and see if there is a leak, turn off all of the faucets, shower, and other items that use water in the home. You should then go and check your water meter. If there is still movement you leak. If you do not see any visible leaks you want to check your slab.

These are some signs that you may have a slab leak. If you notice any of these signs of unexplained puddles of water or odd odors in your home you need to check out the slab. You may have a leak which can lead to these issues and can do a lot of damage to your home.

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