How to Easily Improve Your Outdoor Space Using Power Tools

When it comes to tinkering with your garden, it can be easy to think that all you’ll need is gloves, a lawnmower, watering can, trowel and spade. Of course, while some minor jobs might require these standard items, others aren’t quite so suitable for this gear alone. Should the time come when you want to completely transform your outdoor area, you’ll need to be better equipped for the job at hand.
This is where quality power tools come in. Still, before you start shopping for your specialist equipment, it’d be helpful to know which can best help you improve your outdoor space!

Garden Strimmers

Garden Strimmers

While lawnmowers are suitably average for trimming down the lawn, they’re also quite limited in their function. Those corners can be tricky to reach, and there are certain angles that the lawnmower just can’t access or thrive in. If your grassy areas are slightly more elaborate in their presentation (sharp bends, shaped around fountains or plant pots, etc) then you need something that can adapt better to the situation at hand.

This is where garden strimmers come in, a power tool that can make short work of any patch of lawn you desire. There are two variations of the strimmer; the cordless strimmer and the lawn trimmer. Obviously, the cordless strimmer is a lighter variation, helping you access every corner of the lawn you wish to cut, awkward or otherwise. Conversely, the lawn trimmer helps you cover wider areas.

Companies such as SGS Engineering have quality strimmers available for instant, affordable purchase, helping you fine tune a freshly cut lawn no matter the situation.


Gardens can get out of hand, especially when maintenance hasn’t been carried out in a while. After all, the process of growing your plants needs to be extremely precise for success. Sometimes, weeds start to sprout, and plants start to deform into something else entirely. In the end, it needs to be dealt with quickly and quietly.

If you’re dealing with plants that are overgrown or that you simply want removed, the shredder comes in handy here. Once again, two variations; rapid shredders and quiet shredders. The former will exclusively deal with green and soft materials, while the latter will shred just about everything else in terms of garden material. They rarely stall and, surprisingly, shred everything in a quick and quiet fashion.

Electric Hedge Trimmer

Electric hedge trimmer
From shredders to trimmers now – no doubt you’ve experienced the laborious process of trimming any hedges that you have. It’s slow, it’s somewhat boring, and honestly there is no part of gardening that is more tedious than hedge trimming. This goes double if you’re short in stature, and your hedges are particularly tall.

However, when using an electric hedge trimmer, your cuts can be more convenient. Like most power tools,it performs the job faster and yet doesn’t compromise on precision to achieve that speed on the job. They even come with an extended reach if your hedges happen to be taller than most. Lastly, if you’re worried about the noise from an electric tool, then like the shredders the electric hedge trimmer is surprisingly quiet in its functioning too.

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