How to Discover the Best Low-Profile Air Conditioner for Your Home

Your home should ensure maximum comfort, especially during those long and hot summer days. That’s when you might realize that you need to purchase a cooling system for some small rooms or sections of your house. Finding the best low-profile air conditioner isn’t tricky if you know what options to research.

Low-profile air conditioning systems adapt to a small space and work the same way as standard products do – they adjust the room temperature by removing warm air and replacing it with cold air. Many Americans prefer such systems because they are energy efficient, compact and portable and affordable. These products help you avoid overcharge the energy bill while keeping the air fresh and balanced when it comes to humidity levels.

Air Conditioning is Not One Size Fits All

Cooling systems should filter and control incoming air and remove warmth and humidity from the room they’re installed in. Oversized products usually fail to fulfill one or more of the above conditions and are noisy. They also overcharge energy bills by consuming more energy than necessary. You can determine if you need a low-profile air conditioner by researching the area you want to cool. Average user rating unveils additional information about individual systems. According to expert and user opinions from Best10Anything, the most popular product is the SPT WA-1222S 12,000 BTU window model. The system has a user rating of 4.2/5 and can ideally cool an area of 450-550 square feet.

BTUs Reveal Cooling Capacity

BTUs (British thermal units) determine the cooling capacity of air conditioning systems. BTUs range from 5,000 to 20,000. You can determine the recommended number of BTUs for each room depending on the brand you prefer. If you’re looking for a system for your kitchen, add 4,000 extra BTUs. Sunlight exposure increases the need for BTU capacity with 10%. Room size in feet and area in square feet also determine the cooling capacity you need. A capacity which is too high might lead to dry air and discomfort and even migraines.

You Can Calculate Energy Efficiency

Low-profile air conditioners stand out for adjusting their energy efficiency to the space it targets. Starting from BTUs, you can calculate energy costs. According to Energy Star, there are certified products which use 9% less energy than others and cost around $70 per year in bills. So, calculate the BTUs per hour ratio to power input in watts to determine a range between 8 and 11.5 energy efficiency. The lower the rate, the higher efficiency is the system. However, there is also energy saving features such as programmable thermostats or timers, easy-to-access filters, sleep settings, fan speeds and digital temperature control.

Noise Can Vary

Noise emissions are usually lower among the best low-profile air conditioner systems. Such systems can make around 50 – 80 dB when running in white noise you will quickly get used to. Noise level is specified on product labels, and you can even make a different choice based on the sound. The lower the dB level is, the quieter the system will operate. However, products from the low-dB end usually generate a light fan running sound.

The AC System Depends on Your Room

There are different models you can install in the room. Window units are frequent and affordable. Some of the most popular products are wall-mounted and include heating options. The systems attach to the interior and exterior walls of your home. Wall-mounted units will require a hole in the outer wall and are a bit costlier. They save window and room space. Portable units are easy to transfer between rooms an also work well at removing excessive moisture.

Air Conditioner in Living Room

Low-Profile Air Conditioner Purchase, Installation, and Maintenance

Purchasing an AC system depends on your own will and preferences if you own the home you live in and plan to decorate it. However, if you live in a rental house, the landlord should know and agree on the model you plan to install.

Most of the models usually come with easy instructions that involve measurements and an hour of work. Make sure you review them and ask for additional information, if necessary. However, some conditioners might need professional installation. Seek for a professional technician’s services and calculate extra costs before the purchase.

Maintenance usually involves regular cleaning. You can find recommendations in the user’s manual to expand the product’s life as much as possible. Keep the product away from children and pets to avoid any accidental injuries. Also, don’t install the system in sunlight areas.

To Conclude

Purchasing the best low-profile air conditioner might require a bit of research, However, the above specifications will save you from keeping unsuitable products on your shortlist. The specialized market is broad enough to include models for all-sized rooms and preferences. You don’t need to get generous as most such products barely reach around $300. Average and premium systems also come with heating options that make them also work well during autumn or winter.

Don’t limit yourself to the internet. Search for discounts and offers in local stores. Usually, the home appliances shop around the corner might be cheaper than large store chains. Such shops are family-owned, and they rely on buyer loyalty – therefore, offer less costly products.

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