10 Excellent Ideas To Display Living Room Indoor Plants


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Indoor plants decoration makes your living space more comfortable, breathable and luxurious. An Indoor plant is a houseplant that grows indoors at residences and offices. Although indoor plants are mostly grown for decorative purposes, research has shown them to have positive psychological effects. Having indoor plants purifies the air inside our homes. Tropical and semi-tropical plants are most commonly used as houseplants. Factors like soil mixture, temperature, humidity, light, potting and pest control must be considered and controlled before considering having indoor plants. Houseplants demand proper fertilizers and accurate-size pots, say the people at Plants Across Melbourne.

People without a green thumb also appreciate the charm of indoor plants. The outdoor touch to the indoor plants is a great way to uplift your moods and add enticement to your interior. There are numerous indoor plants that focus on attractive aesthetics and are easy to maintain like the Silver dollar plant, Chinese money plant, Jade plant, Oxalis, String of pearls, Tillandsia, Donkey tail plants and so on. Your home not being fortunate enough to have lots of square footage doesnt mean you cant brace your green thumb, all these plants are easy to keep alive, require little sunlight and are perfect for small places.

Just Hang

You can still add greenery to your home even though you dont have enough space by hanging plants ina chic, decorative way to make it look fresh and rejuvenating. A flexible indoor hanging plant can purify the air by absorbing the toxins like formaldehyde present in the carpets.

When you live in small apartments, you wouldnt want to forgo any floor space. All you can do is just hang plants to get your green spots without compromising on your floor space. If you do not want to make a hole in the ceiling you can hang a plant off the side of a cabinet for a casual look.
Living Room Hang Indoor Plants
A spider plant has a unique look, which adds a visual interest to your home dcor. A spider plant is a very popular indoor plant which thrives well in bright sunlight and room temperatures ranging between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are looking for a cheerful and an upbeat hanging houseplant, heart-leaf philodendron is a one-stop option. It is carefree foliage that is popular for its dark green heart-shaped leaves. Its flexibility allows it to be used anywhere from benches to wall brackets.

Peperomia is known for its ornamental foliage, there is an array of small indoor plants that feature a shiny texture with multicolor leaves. You only need a few stems to decorate these perfect hanging plants.

Near Stair

The Staircase is no longer a solely functional space in our homes. Thanks to the foliage and designer planters available today. You can decorate any areas of our homes with the best ornamental ideas, if you have a stairway in your house, then why leave the stair borders and the space underneath the stairway bland and empty when you can decorate the space with plants and flowers.

The stairwell is a space that grants opportunities for hatching new environments at home. Plants and flowers incorporate a sense of serenity and peace to your homes. Saving space with small staircase design is a freed up space for a beautiful indoor garden. A small garden under a stairway is wrapped with nobility and beauty offered by nature, with cheerful colors and freshness.
Living Room Stair Indoor Plants
If you want a luxurious home, then decorate the extra spaces like your stairwell, with flowers so that it looks extra classy. Decorating your house with plants knows no limits. Plants look beautiful no matter where you place them.

It is sensational to have a small pool under the stairs inside your home which can be adorned with beautiful flowers and plants. Appropriate lighting with medium size pebbles with other decorative items can give a special edge to space.

Tropical Plants

The sheer beauty of the tropical indoor plant is delightful. Thriving, high spirited plants do wonders to your dcor, mood, and health. Tropical plants render a series of health benefits along with providing fresh air to breathe. Tropical plants can absorb the harmful chemicals in the air, which makes one feel unenthusiastic, lethargic and tired. The harmful toxins and chemicals are often not filtered due to lack of air circulation indoors. Researchers have shown that they are as effective and more natural and cost-effective than air purifiers.

The most popular tropical plants are Chinese Evergreen, Peace lily, Dumb Cane, Philodendron, Bird of Paradise, Bromeliads, Ficus and so on. The tropical flowers offer a warm- environment and a friendly aura to your home. You can lighten up knowing your health and environment is safer when u have a high-quality tropical house plant indoors. These plants look charming and refined with very little maintenance and will continue to benefit you with good health and beauty for years to come.
Living Room Tropical Indoor Plants
Thahong has loved tropical plants since he was very young and was thrilled that his sunny loft would suit his indoor tropical garden. I definitely have a green thumb, he says. The loft makes it easy for my spilled-leaf-philodendron to grow very big.

Around Sofa

Large indoor plants like the fiddle leaf fig are designers favorite. There are numerous reasons why a homeowner would want to ornament his space with tall indoor plants. Tall indoor plants radiate a soothing feeling of shelter. People have an instinctive need to surround themselves with greenery. Using plants of various sizes also creates a feeling of nature outdoors.

There are umpteen numbers of plants that grow indoors. Most of the plants are small or medium-sized, the number of large indoor plants is somewhat narrow. There are a handful of plants that do well indoors.
Living Room Sofa Indoor Plants
FICUS family plants can grow amazingly tall and live up to a thousand years. These plants are tough and can be grown as houseplants too. As indoor plants these plants require care. Rubber tree, weeping fig, and fiddle fig leaf are the best large indoor plants that belong to this family.

Almost all Ficus demand high light. Low light leads to excessive leaf drop and premature death. Ficus are heavy drinkers which means they need to be watered frequently.

SCHEFFLERA is a popular large houseplant with typical leaves. They are easy maintenance, though they require large pots to grow and require bright indirect sunlight.

When someone thinks of Schefflera, they often think of Schefflera, which is a common medium-sized plant. A taller and often overlooked Schefflera has large banana-shaped glossy leaves and can grow up to 16ft or more in height.

Norfolk Island pine is not an actual pine although it looks like one. In its majestic habitat, the tree can grow up to several hundreds of feet. However, when grown as houseplants their height is minimized to only 2-3 m. Growing these large indoor plants require appropriate care. You should keep the soil slightly moist and place the plant near the window so it receives some bright daylight.

Yucca, Kentia palm, Philodendron, Polysacias, Croton, Fatsia Japonica, Adenium(Desert Rose), Jade plant, Dracaena, Monstera Delicosa and so on are some of the common large houseplants.

Well, lights always play an important role in the decoration. As we are talking about the displaying indoor plants, so you must need some beautiful lights. Check full spectrum led grow lights for indoor plants the most significant technological advancement in indoor gardening.

Display Window Beautiful

Bright rooms and south facing windows seem like a blessing to indoor plants at a first glance, but many a time indoor plants can experience leaf scorch from too much sunlight. Many houseplants come from jungle regions where the tree canopy constantly filters the light.

You can transform a bright room with a pretty planter with one of the household plants that seek sun rays.
Living Room Window Indoor Plants
Aloe Vera, Jade plant, Sago Palm, African Milk Brush and Snake Plant are some of the indoor plants that require bright sunlight.

Decoritive Shelves

BENCHES AND SHELVES support and systemize your plants, arranging them at a comfortable working level while providing storage space. Plant shelves are a great decorative feature. They elevate the plants to a higher level. Metal, plastic or wooden, you can choose plant stands or shelves according to your interior requirements.
Living Room Shelves Indoor Plants
How you orient your benches and shelves can help you get more out of your space. The shelf dresses up a bland wall and gives it an edge. The area can offer flexible space-move or remove cushions as needed for seating or tabletop space. Integrating a corner piece can create a comfortable conversation nook.

Raised beds are versatile elements and can be administered anywhere in the living room. By their very nature benches are practical elements and can be useful design tools to add a pop of color or tie accents together.

Corner of the Livingroom

A couple of plants are never too much for your ling room. Cactus and succulents are trending, but there are other great options too. The essential element is to have lots of green spots in the room. You can create a special corner for your plants by placing an old table in the corner and decorating it with your favorite plants.

High-rise homes commonly have large columns that can make the corner space in your living room look unpleasant and tricky to the ornament. In a space like this, a tall plant adds a wild shape and big twigs of green to all the clean, modern and neutral colors.
Living Room Corner Indoor Plants
A tall Schefflera nicely fills in the corner in a neutral or a bold-toned living space, which blurs the line between indoors and out.

Strategically, tall potted plants pack the corners beautifully by filling vertical heights in rooms with tall ceilings. As long as your space gets enough sunlight, you cannot go wrong with decorating your living room corner with a large plant. Here is an interior that mixes styles between Scandinavian and plants decor. Simplicity, and a few original touches, here are the details that make the difference.

Beautiful Pots

Indoor plants in beautiful pots make it easy to integrate natural greenery with the modern furniture in your home. You can soften the tone of your living room with indoor plants in designer pots. Planters are great for placing your favorite flowers and plants inside your home.

Contemporary indoor planters come in a range of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. You can mix and match the colors of your planters to the paint inside your home or arrange them with other decorative accents. Fresh plants integrate natural elements into your dcor.Grant everybody a green envy with contemporary planters. Furnish your living space with foliage. You can use hand-me-down China succulents to create a quirky indoor garden with a vintage touch or coordinate modern planters in matte finishes with shiny home accents for a balanced look.
Living Room Pots Plants
Pots Accenture the beauty of plants- which means the more beautiful the pots, the more beautiful your plants look.

Full Green Living Room

One of the best ways to turn your house into a home is to add plants to your living space. Foliage ushers beauty, character, texture and positive energy into every space. Even if you dont have a green thumb, nurturing real flowers and plants and watching them thrive initiates a certain amount of meditation into your everyday routine.

Plants dont always have to go up on the table if you need the space on the table; tuck a couple of pots underneath to fill the space with color. You can brighten your space with macram planters. Macram planters are perfect to hang near the window of your living room.
Living Room Full Indoor Plant
If you are living in a small space, youll appreciate headboards to accommodate potted plants. Air plants are very cool and can be added to flatter your living room; they look even cooler in a set of geometric prisms. Ferns can be mounted on wooden slats that, when showcased on the wall, form an inexpensive living art installation.

You can create a little beautiful garden vignette with a whole quirky collection of collected and homemade pots.

Glass Plant

Glass plant terrariums are attractive, eco-friendly and inexpensive home decorating concepts. Glass planters make ideal table centerpieces and wall ornaments for eco homes. An easy to exhibit, charming glass terrariums with plants is one of the great ideas that bring nature inside. Glass vases create captivating interior decoration and style modern homes.
Living Room Glass Plant
Glass plant terrariums are containers made of glass. Old tableware, glass jugs, and bowls make excellent containers that can accommodate little indoor plants. Colored glass flower holders are ideal for accentuating the green designs and ornamenting home interiors in an eco-friendly style.

So, if you are longing for a little indoor greenery, home plants are extremely versatile and can be used in numerous different styles to enhance and rejuvenate any rooms dcor and ambiance and because there are so many species of plants, the possibilities are limitless. Employ them to add color to your living room, to create a refreshing mood, to breathe clean and purified air or to simply add features to your space.

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