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How To Create Ambience With Custom Lighting Installation

Lighting plays an essential role in home design. When placed correctly, it could brighten the dark spaces in your house, make a room appear wider, or highlight unique elements of your home. Moreover, proper lighting is crucial as it can affect one’s mood and behavior. 

For example, if you want to be more productive, a natural or bright light yet comfortable lamp is best to clearly see your work, allowing you to maintain focus and productivity. Whereas with dimmer light, your eyes could get strained, or you could feel drowsy because of the lack of light. 

On the other hand, if you want to lounge after a long day at work, what’s a better way to relax than to sit in your favorite spot and enjoy your safe space matched with perfect ambient lighting? This is what one looks forward to at the end of the day. 

If you’re wondering how to set the mood with custom lighting, read on to learn more:

  • Know Your Lighting Options

Not all lighting is made for the same purpose. Hence, before purchasing any lights, it’s essential to know the different types. Below are the common types of lighting:

  • Task lighting: This is utilized to illuminate a certain area when doing a particular task, as the name suggests.
  • Accent lighting: This aims to highlight your home’s aesthetic appeal or certain elements and decors, like paintings, pictures, or architectural design.
  • Ambient lighting: This refers to a room’s primary light source. Likewise, it aims to set the scene, add drama, or establish the mood.

Besides these, there are also various light fixtures to choose from. You can consult an expert in a lighting installation company in Durham or anywhere near you to know what’s best for your home and purpose. Below are examples of light fixtures to choose from:

  • Wall scones
  • Lamps
  • Chandeliers
  • Pendants
  • Recessed
  • Tracks

Lighting companies will not help you choose the right type for your home. Some also offer electrical services, so, you won’t have to look for another company to install your lights. However, before you contact one, it’s best to consider where to place the lights, whether indoors or outdoors.

  •  Consider Lighting Placement

You won’t be able to create the ambience that you aim for if the lights aren’t strategically placed. For instance, when pendant lights are installed behind you in the kitchen when you’re cooking, you’ll cast a shadow that hinders you from seeing what you’re doing. Moreover, when a floor lamp in the living room draws a chair in the dark, it becomes less inviting.

It’s essential to consider how the lights will illuminate the important areas in your home while ensuring that the lights are scattered and well-balanced. For example, besides your ceiling lights, you can place undercabinet lighting in the kitchen where you usually prepare meals or pendant lights above your kitchen island. Likewise, putting floor lamps near the couch bounces the light on the floor and ceiling, creating a cozy, warm feel in the living room.

Ultimately, you can be as creative as you want in choosing which ones to turn on to create layers and drama in a particular room when you walk in.

  •  Choose The Right Color

Natural light, or one that comes from the sun, can uplift one’s mood in the morning. Often, in the absence of daylight, people rely on light fixtures to set the mood. Thus, besides the type of lighting and its placement, another thing to consider is the light’s color. 

Lights that are yellowish in tone are considered warm lights. The ones with bluish hues are regarded as cool lights, while the lights that are a mix of white and yellow are regarded as soft lights. These colors translate various emotions as well. 

For example, warm lights are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms as they create a cozy tone, making the space inviting. You can also add lamps or candles in certain areas for an intimate vibe. On the other hand, cool lights are vibrant and bright, which are best for kitchens and dining areas. 

Besides warm and cool tones, you can explore light fixtures with RGB colors. Overall, considering your purpose and the meaning of colors may help you decide which one to install.

  •  Opt For Dimmable Lights

When choosing light fixtures, it’s best to opt for dimmable ones. Dimmable lights can make a space calmer and comfier. Likewise, it allows you to control the brightness of your lights without having to buy and install a different light fixture. For example, you can purchase a dimmable and color-changing corner lamp. This way, you can select a color and its brightness based on your mood. Say red for passion or green for freshness.


Lights can create an impact on a person’s mood and behavior. Custom lighting can make you feel productive, cozy, warm, and relaxed. It’s possible by considering the type of lighting, its placement, and its color. Consider these elements, as discussed above, when choosing custom lighting installation for your home. Furthermore, it’s best to consult experts in lighting companies to know their professional opinion regarding your home’s light fixtures.

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