How To Create A Camping Spot Outside Your Home

Living a hectic life throughout the week has our bodies yearning for relaxation by the time the weekend comes around. One of the best ways to detach from the hustle and bustle and noise is to go camping. For some, however, it may not be a viable option to go to a camping site.

However, what if you could enjoy camping without having to leave the safety and convenience of your home? Luckily you can do so by creating a camping spot outside your home, otherwise known as backyard camping.

The main advantage of backyard camping is that not only do you have quick access to the bathroom, but you also don’t have to deal with packing and buying utilities.

Let’s find out how to make your backyard camping adventure fun, as well as cover a few camping tips.

Items You Will Need For Camping Outside Your Home

Items You Will Need For Camping Outside Your Home

Note that if you already have camping gear, you can bring it along to make the whole experience look and feel like real camping. To make the most of your backyard camping experience, some of the items that you may need include:

  • Outdoor tent
  • Outdoor tarp
  • Camping utensils
  • Overhead shade
  • Barbecue
  • Flashlight
  • Outdoor games and toys
  • Insect repellent
  • Hygiene essentials

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Creating A Comfy Campsite

Before you can make the most of backyard camping, you will need to first ensure that your chosen campsite is comfortable.

  1. Start With The Camping Spot

Select a flat ground that doesn’t have depressions or bumps. This is where you should set up a tent. Moreover, you will need to ensure that the inside of the tent is comfortable. You can do this by adding extra lining and yoga mats. You can also add several layers of cushioning, or just bring in your inflatable mattress.

There are several other factors you will need to consider when choosing a camp spot, such as:

  • A location that is safe from the elements and noise
  • Watch out for buried electrical wires and water lines 
  1. Improvise If You Do Not Have A Tent

The great thing with backyard camping is that you can improvise. If you don’t have a tent but there are a couple of trees nearby, then you can use these to tie a rope on which you will place a tarp or canvas to make a comfortable place for camping.

You can do this by placing blankets or even an inflatable mattress. On the ground, you can place a waterproof tarp to prevent the makeshift shelter from getting wet.

Set The Scene

  1. Set The Scene

This is your backyard after all, so why not make the campsite magical? You can do this by hanging lights inside the tent or shelter. A lamp can also be hung somewhere close to illuminate the campsite with soft light, creating a perfect atmosphere for a fun camping experience.

You can also set up a tent with board decks or card games. You can play inside the tent when it gets chilly. Furthermore, you can add stuffed toys for the kids.

  1. Make A Sitting Area

You can place camping chairs and a small table where you and your family can hang out as you share stories and enjoy the campfire. It is also a convenient way to share food.

Another way to make a sitting area is to place a blanket on the ground. However before you choose this option, make sure that the ground is not wet and that you don’t set the blanket on top of dog poo, ants, or any other irritant that might be there.  

  1. Create An Open Fire

One of the hallmarks of camping is an open fire. In fact, it would be hard to imagine a campsite that doesn’t have a fire. Make sure that you make a fire safely, and ensure that the kids understand safety measures.

You can then use the fire to cook up some delicious camp chow such as marshmallows, or roast hot dogs.

When making a fire, ensure there is nothing around that can catch on fire such as dry leaves or wood. The surroundings should be bare ground. Alternatively, you can opt for a gas stove.

Final Thoughts

Backyard camping can be a great way to spend the weekend. It can bring family members together and provide a welcome escape from an otherwise hectic life. What’s more, camping outside your home can also be a great way to reconnect with nature without having to go to the woods or other camping sites.

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