When to Call for a Garage Door Repair Service

6 Signs of a Damaged Garage Door Spring

As a wise homeowner, you should pay attention to the repair needs of your property. Failure to do so may cause the problem to escalate, which then leads to high repair costs. While some house fixes are doable for a DIY job, there are also those that are best left to the hands of professionals. A damaged garage door, for instance, requires the repair skills of a licensed and experienced contractor.

According to Canadian Garage Door Repair Surrey, most garage door repair cases involve a malfunctioning spring. Garage door springs are essential because they help open and close your 400+ pound garage door, fast and easy. Thus, if you’re having a hard time operating your garage door, you should suspect a broken or damaged spring.

Here are six other signs your garage door spring might need a replacement:

Loud snapping noise

When a garage door spring breaks, it produces a banging or snapping sound. This can happen even when the door is kept closed. In this case, make sure to call for professional help before operating or opening the door again.

Heavier weight

If you notice your garage door becoming heavier than usual, it’s probably because of a broken extension spring. The latter is responsible for supporting the weight of the entire door. So, unless it’s fixed right away, you will have to put up with the door’s heavy weight every time you open it.


Loose cables

Don’t blame it on the cables if your garage door stops operating correctly. A loose or slack cable usually occurs when the spring isn’t working properly. If the torsion spring is not tightly wound or comes unwound, it causes the cable to snap out of place. Make sure to get the issue fixed right away by experts.

Crooked garage door

Aside from helping the garage door open and close properly, extension springs also keep the door straight. The springs that are installed on each side of the door pull the door individually. You’ll know what to suspect when your garage door is crooked. It’s definitely because of a torn or broken spring from any side of the door.

Slow-moving door

Does it seem like forever for your garage door to open or close? In that case, you may be dealing with a failing door spring. The heaviness of the garage door caused by a broken spring can slow the speed of the motors. That is why it takes longer than usual to raise or lower the door. Remember that a garage door that falls down fast is also a clear indication of a damaged spring. If the door is unbalanced, it becomes dead weight.


Spring gap

A visible gap in the torsion spring means your garage door needs an immediate repair. The springs unwind when they break, leaving a gap in the middle. Attempting to fix the problem on your own may only cause further damage to your door, so better leave the job for the professionals to handle.

When looking for a garage door repair company to hire, always consider three relevant factors: licensing, location, and work specialization. You may look at the customer reviews of garage door companies near you online or ask for a valid referral from friends and relatives. Either way, make sure to work only with professionals you are confident and comfortable with since you will be letting them into your property for a certain length of time.

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