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How to Convert T3 Halogen to LED

How to Convert T3 Halogen to LED

While halogen lights are the type of lights that are commonly used by most people, they are far from perfect. They may be bright and powerful, but they are not energy efficient and not very durable.

You see, halogen lights emit a lot of heat while in operation. This extra heat translates to extra energy being used which means you need to pay more on your electricity bill. Aside from that, the extra heat makes halogens more susceptible to overheating.

That’s the reason why many people are making the switch to LED lights instead. LED lights are extremely powerful but they don’t use the same amount of heat halogens do. This means that LEDs are more durable and they’re also more energy efficient.

The question here is whether it’s possible to convert T3 halogen to LED or not. Fortunately, it is possible to do a quick t3 halogen to LED conversion and it’s not even that hard.

Just follow the steps we laid out below and you should be able to get it done quickly.

Converting T3 Halogen to LED

Before we start to convert halogen lamp to LED, we need to prepare some tools first. Here are some of the tools you need:

  • Screw driver
  • Electric tape
  • Soldering iron
  • Wire cutter

As long as you have these 4 tools, you’re ready to go!

Here are the steps:

  • Take Out Your Old Lights

The first step is obviously to remove the lights. In order to do that, you need to remove the wires. So first, take out the cover of your switch and remove the switch inside. Then, take out the old lights from the unit. Try to leave as much of the original hardwire as possible since you will be needing it later for when you attach the new LED light.


  • Put in the New Lights

Once the old lights are taken out, you need to put in the new lights. Take note that you need to make sure that the LED light you buy is compatible with your existing hardware. You can ask for assistance on this matter with the salesperson. Just like when you replace lights regularly, do the same thing.

  • Do Some Rewiring

Now comes the hard part– the rewiring. The first two steps are pretty easy but during this step, you need to really follow the instructions so you won’t make a mistake. First, remove the wiring from the driver of the LED light and de-solder it. You can just cut the wire and solder a new one but this may result in a short. So, it’s really safer to de-solder it. Once you have de-soldered the wiring, put all of them in a rubber grommet. After that, seal them carefully.

  • Test Out the Light

All that is left to do is to test out the light. One of the best ways to test the quality of your LED light is to leave it on for a few hours and then try to touch it. It should not be hot at all. In fact, the light should barely even be warm to touch. If everything is good, then you have completed your installation.

Now, the great thing about LED conversion is that you can do it for practically any type of halogen light. It can even work for a picture light or RGB strip lights. The mechanism or design may be a little bit different depending on the type of light you’re converting, but the process is all pretty much the same. You just need to locate the right parts and replicate the steps that you’ve learned in this guide.


You have now learned how to do a LED replacement for t3 halogen in just 4 simple steps. It wasn’t that hard, right? While you do not really need to have deep knowledge in wiring, you do need to have some basic knowledge. Thus before you try this, we recommend that you research a bit on soldering or de-soldering so you won’t be shocked when you try. As long as you know how to do this, then you should have no problem following the guide.

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