How to Choose The Right Window?

Gone are the days when the homeowners used to check only if the design of the windows is appropriate according to the designs of their houses. The homeowners of today are concerned about the environment, their energy bills, as well as the aesthetics of their home. According to The Window Experts in Toronto, the homeowners should always try to buy the windows that offer them a good return on their investments.

Before replacing the windows of your house, you should do the math to find out how cost-effective the new units will be for you. Doing a home energy audit is one of the easiest ways to find that out. This simple check-up will help you to understand the areas of major energy loss. It will also help you fathom the seriousness of the issue.

Before starting the search for a window, you should try to get a good read on the transmission problems of your home. You might not want to spend five figures to replace the windows of your home when the problem could have been solved with a tube of caulk or a few storm windows.

Also, the replacement windows might not be the best choice for every home. The original windows are often an integral part of the older homes. They build the character of the house and make them different from the constructions of today. So, the owners of the older homes should always think about adding rather than subtracting while making their homes more energy-efficient.

You have a Single pane Glass window

If your window is made of a single pane of glass, and if it is made with temperature conductive sashes and frames, you should replace them. The window experts and construction workers believe that it is always better to replace the windows that are not performing well when it comes to energy efficiency.

Windows with Poor Conditions

Beyond the concern of efficiency, there lie the conditions that make your window leak water. Problems of pest infections, humidity problems, and other issues often generate from these poorly conditioned windows. Non-operational windows, cracked window panes, rotting sashes, sills and wood windows all fall into this category. If your windows are suffering from these conditions, it is always better to change them.

Safety Issues

This is yet another problem that you should not overlook. The windows that are weak or loose or the ones that do not open or close properly needs changing. If your home has upper floor windows that do not open any more, you should replace them with operable windows and make sure to place a fire escape ladder outside the window. In this way, that window will serve as an emergency exit during a fire or other emergencies.

The Frame

Most people know that the wood frame is the best choice when it comes to energy efficiency. However, that does not mean the wood is the only choice you have there. A variety of different materials are available on the market that you can use to create your window frames. Have a look.


Just because the vinyl products cost less, does not make it of poor quality. A well made and properly installed vinyl window frame can be a practical solution to your window problem. The best thing is that these frames do not even cost you as much as the other options. The shortage of color choice is the only problem. However, if you can overlook that, vinyl windows can be one of the best choices for you.

Choose The Right Window1


There is no doubt that the wood windows offer the best value for money when it comes to energy efficiency. However, they are more expensive and require extensive upkeep. According to The Window Experts in Toronto, the wood frames might not be the best choice for the homes that are situated in the extremely humid or rainy climate. However, a well-built wood window in other climatic situations can stand the test of time.


Even though this material is not suitable if you consider the insulative value, they are the best choices for the homes situated in the humid and rainy climate. Thanks to their strength, aluminium has become an excellent choice for the window frame in the homes of the coastal areas.

Wood Clad

According to The Window Experts in Toronto, the wood-clad windows offer the best of the two worlds. On the one hand, they come with the low maintenance exterior. While on the other hand, they have a temperature transfer-resistant wooden interior. However, these windows can be prone to water intrusion that can lead to rotting and in the jambs and sills.

All these above points must have made it clear that choosing a window for your home is not a matter of joke. You have to consult with The Window Experts in Toronto to make sure that you are choosing the one that will give you value for money in the coming days.

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