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Discover The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Have you ever heard of dry ice blast cleaning? It’s not a new phenomenon, the US Navy experimented with it in 1945, the aim was to use it for degreasing various items. Since then various patents have been filed as the procedures have been improved.

Today it is a viable and practical way of cleaning a variety of surfaces.

What Is Dry Ice Blasting

Ice is broken down into very small pellets, this is then fired at a surface, the force of the ice hitting the surface pushes dirt and debris off the surface, effectively cleaning it.
You should note that the pellets are generally shaved from an ice block, although dry ice snow can also be used. But, in industrial situations, the dry ice pellets are made from liquid CO2.
When these pellets hit the surface they dissipate into the atmosphere as CO2. It’s harmless and disappears without a trace. There is no water residue to damage the surface being cleaned and, despite its abrasive nature, it can be used in sensitive areas.

Where Does The Dirt & Debris Go?

Where Does The Dirt & Debris Go

Considering the dry ice disappears you may be left wondering where does all the dirt and debris go. In fact, it is loosened by the dry ice and will collect on the surface or below it, depending on its angle when the cleaning is done.

This is why you need to use a reputable specialist in dry ice blasting Melbourne, cleaning up properly is as important as blasting the dry ice.

Disposal of the dirt and debris will need to be in compliance with state laws, depending on what surface you’ve just cleaned.

What Are The Benefits of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning?

Because this technique doesn’t use water or grit, or any chemicals, it can be used on almost anything. Specifically, it is very good at cleaning sensitive equipment and even sterilizing hospital machinery.

Its an ecologically friendly cleaning method which is surprisingly fast, saving labor time and money. You don’t need to wait to dry the surface, it can be used again straight away. Perhaps most importantly, it cleans without damaging any surface, making it a viable solution for hard to get to dirt that needs to be removed.

What Do You Need For Dry Ice Blasting?

What Do You Need For Dry Ice Blasting

Assuming you’re using a professional firm you don’t need anything. The company will supply the compressed air, which must be at least 150psi. This will also allow them to monitor the temperature, the equipment will be damaged if the temperature goes above 140°F.

The dry ice is also provided by the company, all they’ll need from you is a power socket within 50 feet of their compressor. Of course, they’ll also need to see what they are cleaning!

Dry ice blast cleaning is a great way to deal with sensitive equipment without risking damaging it. That makes it the best solution when expensive machinery needs to be cleaned. It’s not just effective, it can get into any nook and cranny to complete a comprehensive clean.

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