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How To Care For Your Home’s Masonry

Do you have brick and stone siding on your home? Then, it’s essential to understand how best to preserve its beauty and integrity. Natural elements like UV rays, wind, rain, and temperatures can take a toll over time – but with proper care techniques in place, you won’t have any worries! Here are five tips to ensure long-lasting maintenance of your lovely exterior masonry.

Tip #1: Use a Sealant

To protect against moisture, one helpful tip is to seal any brick or stone walls on the exterior of your home – this will help fight off potential damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles during colder months.

Red Brick Wall with Concave Mortar Joint

Tip #2: Inspect it Regularly

Regularly inspecting the exterior of your home is crucial for masonry maintenance. Keep an eye out for suspicious signs that may be indicative of a larger problem, such as cracks, holes, crystal-like powder buildup, mildew stains, rust spots, or bulges in walls.

Tip #3: Clean It

Keep your brick and exterior stone looking pristine with a gentle cleaning regime. The pressure sprayer of the right cleaner does most of the work, but for more stubborn dirt, you may need to get out that brush – some elbow grease is required!

Use a gentle approach for natural stone and brick; wet the masonry first, then add your cleaning agent. Just be sure to choose one that is compatible with your particular staining and sealant, so you don’t unintentionally damage them!

Tip #4: Use Patch Mortar

As you regularly inspect the brickwork of your home, don’t forget to check for any cracks or holes in the mortar joints. Chiseling out loose spots and brushing away debris is necessary when patching up damaged areas with new mortar mix – this will ensure that each corner stays strong and secure!

Care For Your Home Masonry 2

Tip #5: When in Doubt, Call a Professional

Don’t risk the job turning out poorly by taking on a project you don’t have the right tools and knowledge for. Instead, reach out to our experienced professionals who can help you confidently finish your projects. We offer tuckpointing, masonry restoration, masonry repair, brickworks, window caulking, chimney restoration, and other waterproofing services.

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