How to Get Your Home Ready For a Professional Interior Painting


Professional Interior Painting 1

Transforming your home’s interior to a new level of beauty is within reach! But before you get the paint rollers rolling, making sure your house is ready for painters will make all the difference. Get started by taking these steps towards an effortless painting process.

Move and cover furniture.

To protect your furniture from stains and splatters, move them away! For small objects like a coffee table or light stand – be sure to remove items prior to painting the room. Larger pieces such as sofas, suites, beds, dining tables, or chairs can still get repositioned in the center of a space instead – keeping everything safe while giving that area an update.

Professional Interior Painting 2

Remove electronics and appliances.

Ensure your electronics and appliances, such as TVs, sound systems, gaming consoles, ovens, and refrigerators, stay safe by covering and unplugging them.

Wall hangings and ornaments

Be sure to clear away all adornments! Wall hangings and decorative ornaments can seriously impede a quality paint job. So carefully remove items such as picture frames, paintings, clocks, mirrors, candle holders, and other wall art before beginning.

Protect soft furnishings

Give your soft furnishings the protection they deserve! Store away mats and rugs from the room, clear out window treatments such as curtains or blinds, and roll up floor coverings with plastic wrap to ensure optimal defense against paint damage.

Clear away knick-knacks

Before you give your painters the green light, take a few minutes to put away any beloved mementos that could be damaged as part of their work. Even small items like knick-knacks should not stay out during this process – clearing them from sight will help keep them safe!

Professional Interior Painting 1

Vacate the area

With a fresh coat of paint, your living space will be ready for its transformation. To ensure the painting process goes as smoothly and safely as possible, it is recommended that you plan ahead to take any essential items out of reach during this time with potentially limited access. Be prepared for occasions when you might need to temporarily relocate until the job is complete!

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