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How to Buy CBD Gummies to Treat Tobacco Withdrawals

Quitting smoking used to require a person to go cold turkey and deal with the withdrawals. They would use routine changes, hypnosis, and sheer will power to get through the cravings. However, now there are more options on the market to assist with the entire process. When you want to quit, you need to reduce the amount you consume and deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine replacement therapy is available from this website with tobacco-free products, or you can use patches and gum. However, a long-term solution is with CBD gummies.

What are CBD Gummies?

Everyone knows that gummies are small, chewy edibles. Therefore, CBD gummies are simply edibles with cannabidiol oil in them. Marijuana has an earthy flavor that many do not like, but know that it offers a lot of natural health benefits. According to womendailymagazine, CBD is more discrete and does not give people the same high that comes with THC or marijuana. People find these edibles a safe way to treat pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

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Three Types of CBD

When you are shopping for cannabidiol, you will find three specific types on the market.

  • Full-spectrum – Contains all phytochemicals naturally in the plant, including trace amounts of THC
  • Broad-spectrum – Has THC removed but all other phytochemicals remain
  • CBD Isolate – Purified oil without all the phytochemicals but still offers health benefits

CBD Uses for Tobacco Withdrawal

When you are withdrawing from tobacco and nicotine, you will battle symptoms that make you crave another cigarette. You naturally deal with stress and emotional situations with a healthy neurological system. However, nicotine prevents your system from doing this naturally and those receptors begin to go dormant. When you remove the nicotine, CBD steps in to help restimulate those receptors to handle the symptoms that come with quitting.

Different types of gummies will help with various side effects that you are suffering from, but they all have anti-anxiety properties. If your anxiety is severe, look for gummies that contain lemon balm and L-theanine. These two compounds assist with mood-regulating and relaxation. However, if your anxiety is severe enough to disrupt your sleep, consider adding melatonin in the evening at the same time.

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A common reaction to anxiety is depression, especially when your body is trying to recover from an anxiety attack. Full-spectrum CBD gummies naturally have antidepressant qualities to them. Nighttime gummies often contain a small dose of melatonin to help you regulate your sleeping patterns again, which is helpful until your body begins producing melatonin naturally. Finally, consider gummies that contain fruit juices or are fortified with B12. Studies have shown that people with a B12 deficiency are more likely to battle depression. Verma Farms (vermafarms.com/collections/cbd-gummies) is known for having stronger gummies, even though they do not contain THC and only have CBD isolate. Isolate is often more successful at treating only depression because it gives you a stronger dose of straight CBD.

Finally, if you are battling the headaches from nicotine withdrawal, you will want full-spectrum CBD gummies that contain ginger and turmeric. These two ingredients combined with the phytochemicals assist in reducing inflammation. It is important to read the labels closely to make sure you know exactly what type of CBD you are getting, and the product undergoes quality testing. Always start with low doses and increase as needed, but talk to your therapist if you are taking prescription medications.

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