Different Kinds of Pillow Cases Explained


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A pillowcase not only adds style to your bedroom but also serves a purpose in a bedroom. There are many types of pillowcases available on the market. But the choice differs from person to person. Because it depends on comfort. Besides, your bed covers such as Doona Covers, Coverlet covers, etc., play an important role. That is why you should know about different types of pillowcases and their purposes. In this article, you will find an explained guide to different types of pillowcases available in the market.

Types of Pillowcases (According to Designs)

According to designs, Pillowcases are mainly three types, housewife, Bag, and Oxford. Because pillowcases are used in various places, so it depends on the design which is suitable for a specific place. For instance, Housewife and Oxford can be ideal for your home bedroom, while Bag has an extensive use in hotel and industrial areas.


You will find it in almost every home because it is the most popular choice of housewives. One side is stitched closed for putting your pillow, while the other side has a big gap. Besides, the pillows fit very nicely inside the covers, and in the pillowcase, there is an inside piece of fabric to secure the open end of the pillowcase. Another thing is it is available everywhere and very cost effective.


In the hospitality industry, bag pillowcases are famous for the easiest and lowest maintenance. Hotels and other accommodation service providers widely use it. It has an opening to put inside the pillow but doesn’t have any internal flap to hold the pillow inside as like housewife design. It helps the room service to change the pillow quickly. For this reason, Bag designed pillowcases’ popularity is increasing day by day in household markets.

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Oxford pillowcases are a bit more fancy than the look of a housewife. Around all the sides, they have a border, generally around two inches wide. As a primary pillow, a more simple or plain oxford pillowcase may be used, although many prefer oxford pillowcases as decorative shams for their beds.

Types of Pillowcases (According to Fabric)

There is an importance of pillowcase material in your everyday life. If you enjoy having a nice soft pillowcase, you will find the importance of it is priceless. Pillowcases fabrics are an essential thing and should never be ignored as they provide comfort as well as a beautiful appearance.

Cotton Pillowcases

Cotton pillows are not a new thing, as they have gained popularity from the old days. The reason is that the cotton fiber has a soothing effect on your body and helps you relax every time. Cotton is known as a good insulator of heat, and therefore many people prefer it over other materials such as wool. It can keep you cool while summer and warm in winter. Cotton has got many advantages. It is a natural fiber, thus causing allergies to be lessened. Cotton also enables the pillowcases to breathe, thus keeping the room free from molds. In addition, it is very easy to maintain.

Polyester Pillowcases

This synthetic fabric for pillowcases is an inexpensive choice. It is resistant to wrinkles and is lightweight. Others are spun to resemble cotton, tightly woven into a microfibre, while others feel silky. But polyester will run hot as well, absorbing heat from your body and keeping you warm at night. Experts in bedding often suggest polyester is more likely to have pilling and static sticking issues. In all standard sizes on the market, you can find polyester pillowcases.

Satin Pillowcases

Satin Pillowscover is a way of adding sophistication to your bedroom. They can make you feel luxurious and pampered. Satin is soft, comfortable, very flexible, and shiny yet cool, which explains the popularity of this type of pillow covers. The cool factor comes from the shiny finish that many are able to achieve with satin. These types of pillowcases do not wrinkle, which means they won’t get irritating skin feelings while they are in use. That is why many people choose it as the material for their pillow covers. 

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Silk Pillowcases

A silk pillowcase is elegant, expensive, and luxurious looking. Silk Pillowcases are not only luxurious, but they are also a sign of wealth and taste. A silk pillowcase will go with any bedding or decor. You can get these types of pillowcases made in all different colors, such as black, brown, and cream. If you have a room with a Victorian or antique look to it, then silk is the way to go. As silk is a natural fiber, it ages well with time. If taken care of properly, silk can look like new for many years. Silk pillowcases are good at keeping the body cool during warm weather. It can easily absorb the moisture without making the skin feel damp.

Flannel Pillowcases

Similar to cotton, flannel pillowcases are very soft and nice looking. It is great for keeping you warm and cozy at night. This material is not as delicate as other materials, but it will last much longer. Flannel pillowcases do have health benefits as well. Flannels have also been known to have a soft and comfortable feel, making them great for your neck and back. They are great for reducing pressure sores. Flannels are naturally stretchy, which makes them a great fabric. They also provide a nice touch of class in any room, especially bedrooms.

When shopping for the right pillow for your loved one, be sure to visit the local department store so you can look through the various kinds available. You can also find a number of different types online, as well as at many different websites that sell household items and accessories. In addition, you can also find a number of different types of pillows online for a lower price than you can buy in a store. Keep in mind that you need to pay close attention to the detail, fabric, and construction of the pillow before making the final purchase.

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