How to Build a Home Gym in Your Garage

Exercise is a meaningful way to improve your physique and overall health. Besides, it features a myriad of benefits, including improved blood flow, an increase in concentration, and better heart health.

However, maintaining a regular gym membership can prove to be expensive in the long run. By setting up a garage home gym, you stand to save money and work out at your convenience. Read on; we will discuss a few steps to building a home gym in your garage.

1. Clear Out Space

When starting off your own garage home gym, it is essential to estimate the relevant dimensions available at our disposal. As it is, your garage is bound to be cluttered with items and other paraphernalia, which can severely limit the available space you can use. Therefore, the first thing you’d want to do is to clear as much space as possible within your garage.
Clear Out Space

You can start by alleviating clutter, such as papers, boxes, and other disposable items. If you plan on setting up a squat rack or bench, consider completely emptying your garage to create space to accommodate your equipment. You can always use shelves to stash away your items in boxes or utilize storage warehouses to store your items if your garage space is limiting.

2. Work on Flooring

While your garage floor can seem sturdy, dropping a 130lb weight can damage the concrete flooring below. Bear in mind, the probability of dropping weights in a gym is high. Therefore, consider securing durable flooring options for your garage gym, such as floor epoxy, artificial turf, or luxury vinyl as suitable alternatives to concrete.

However, if you have money to spare, you can always opt for durable and thick rubber flooring to cover up and protect your weights and floor from damage.

3. Installing a Garage Heater

During colder seasons, a garage heater can help keep you warm enough to carry out your home sets without failure. It is an essential investment to consider as a garage heater also helps regulate your whole house’s overall indoor temperature in the winter. It also helps prevent your vulnerable metal equipment from rusting by stopping condensation from occurring indoors.
Installing a Garage Heater

4. Stick to Essentials

Now that you’ve set up the foundation of your garage gym, you need to consider obtaining the gym essentials. Depending on your type of workout, this can include a jump rope, resistant bands, treadmill, weights, and a pull-up bar. You can consider purchasing several weighted plates, an Olympic bar, kettlebells, and dumbbells if you’re into heavy lifting. Usually, stocking up your garage gym tends to be the most expensive part of the process.

To save on a few bucks, you can always scour through the internet or peruse through yard sales for secondhand exercise machines, weighted plates, and bars at a cost-effective price. Platforms like Craigslist and Facebook are great places to start. On the other hand, you can always use YouTube tutorials to create DIY homemade weight with concrete and a weighing scale.

5. Purchase a Weight and Squat Rack

A weight rack can prove to be very beneficial in storing and holding your weights in place. It also alleviates the need to place your weights on your garage floor, causing damage in the long run.

Like most gyms, the squat rack area while not being a famous zone for most guys, can provide adequate stimulation to your calves, thighs, and core during leg day workouts.

When buying a power or squat rack for your home gym, consider the equipment dimensions so that it fits well into your garage. Most power racks are approximately 48-53″ wide and roughly seven feet tall. If your garage is not high enough to accommodate a power rack, consider getting a shorter squat rack and avoid standing overhead presses. There are plenty of short power racks that are suitable for low ceiling garage and basement spaces.

6. Set Up a Bench

A weight bench is a fitting installment to any garage gym. The great thing about it is its versatility allowing it to be used for various purposes. Aside from its conventional use in weightlifting classics like bench press, skull crushers, dumbbell pullovers, and triceps extensions, it can double up as a thigh workout when resistant bands are fixed on the leg support.
Set Up a Bench
Weight benches don’t take up much space and can be easily accommodated in your garage. If you’re too pressed on space, you can always opt for adjustable benches that can be folded or fixed to your required dimensions.

In Summary

A home garage gym is an ideal way to workout indiscretion and saves money from expensive gym memberships. Our tips help you build your own gym in the refines of your garage space.

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