How Should I Sit to Avoid Lower Back Pain?

A lot of people around the world are suffering from lower back pain. They might have got it from any sports-related injury, any medical condition, accidents, or sitting all day on the chair. When it happens, you surely do not want to sit all day on the chair. However, you do not have to do anything but sitting since you may have a job where you need to sit all day long.

The good news is that there are some sitting guidelines that you can follow to avoid lower back pain. Do you know how should I sit to avoid lower back pain? If not, then follow this article and you may get rid of this problem.

What causes lower back pain?

There are several reasons for your back pain. One of the main reasons for lower back pain is to repeatedly lift heavy things or suddenly lifting something heavy. This movement can pull your spinal ligament and back muscles. Also, if you do not sit on the chairs for back pain at home for a long time, it may cause back pain. Besides, if you have Bulging or ruptured disks can be another reason for back pain as well. Though you can have Bulging or ruptured disks without having lower back pain. Arthritis can cause lower back pain sometimes as well.
What causes lower back pain

Even if your spine curves to aside, that can cause lower back pain too. These are some main reasons. However, there are some other reasons for your pain that only doctors can understand.

How should I sit to avoid lower back pain?

Now the question comes how should I sit to avoid lower back pain? Well, there are several methods to sit that can help you avoid the pain.

However, different people are made with different body structures. That means no single sitting position or style will be perfect or suitable for everyone. It has to be a trial and error method to find out the best position to avoid the pain. We will discuss some common positions that you should try and find out which one works better for you and show some results.

Good lumbar support

The first thing you need to ensure is lumbar support. Your lower back is structured to be slightly curved into a backward “C.” You can achieve this position with the chair that is designed for lower back pain. Or you can use a lumbar pillow to support your back to achieve the position. Even if you do not have that small lumbar pillow for the support, you can simply put a small rolled-up towel in your back.

It will work as well. You may ask how big support you may need. Well, it depends on your anatomy size. You can test a few sizes and find out the perfect size for your support. When you will see that the support lets you sit comfortably with a good body posture, it will be the perfect size for you.
Good lumbar support

Hips bent to 75-90 degrees

After that, you need to adjust the height and recline of your chair. It will ensure that your feet are flat on the floor. At the same time, it makes sure that your hips at no more than a 90-degree angle. When you have this sitting angle, it puts the things parallel to your feet ground. If the angle is deeper, your knees will be closer to your chest. This will force the lower back into a curved position that can cause lower back pain. If you have the chair that doesn’t adjust to having that angle, you can use any solid objects to adjust the chair. You can use kneeling chair to ease any type hip pain or back pain.

Do whatever needs to do, but make sure it adjusts the height.

Hands resting comfortably

To ensure the best sitting position, you need to ensure the optimal alignment throughout your spine. That means your arms have to be in the right spot all the time. Along with your sitting position, your elbow should be at 90 degrees when sitting.

Also, the chair should be close enough to the table so that your hands easily reach your keyboard or desk. As a result, you don’t need to hike your shoulders while working. A good chair with an ergonomic armrest can help here. There are plenty of options available in the market. Most of the chairs come with the adjustment option so that you can easily adjust everything and make it perfect for you. Choose anyone you want.

You may not have this set up in the office. In that case, make sure you talk to your HR in the office so that he manages the set up for you. You know nothing health comes first.

Head position

You have a good sitting position and arm position. Now it is time to work with the head. You may think about what relation it has with the head. Well, no matter how good your other body parts are, if the head position is not good, all your hard work will end in a vein. You have to adjust the desk or monitor in such a position so that your head does not tilt up or down. You can use an adjustable mount to ensure a good position for your head.
Head position


Sitting in the best position always helps you to avoid lower pain. If you know, how should I sit to avoid lower back pain, it will help a lot. Yes, it will take some time to be comfortable with this position. However, once you become used to it, you will feel the comfort and your pain will be gone.

Along with a good sitting position, you should take a break from sitting continuously after every 10 minutes. This simple trick can help a lot to get rid of this problem. Also, do a little exercise every day. It will reduce back pain and improve your overall health as well. If our back pain is due to any diseases, make sure you consult a doctor and solve the problem at first.

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