How Much Does a 10 Yard Dumpster Cost?

A 10-yard dumpster is budget friendly container; its economic, cost and size make it accessible to every person. Cost of 10 yard dumpster can vary according to the area you live in. Cost of a dumpster relies on location, type of dumpster required, and the purpose for which you need a dumpster.

Purpose of 10 yard dumpster

Purpose of 10 yard dumpster

A 10-yard dumpster or container is usually used for outdoor or indoor small-scale projects.

  • Outdoor Purpose

When you are working with lighter material and want to manage its trash, a 10-yard dumpster is the most suitable one. Its uses are given below:

  1. A 10 yard dumpster is used when you are removing or demolishing any part of your property and wants to move tiles or bricks from one place to another.
  2. If you are living in hilly area and want to remove the landscaping trash from the required place.
  3. Working with trees and shrubs on the mountains.
  4. As you want to manage small but heavy material like tiles, bricks, concrete and other general trash.
  • Indoor Purpose

There are hundreds of indoor places where a 10-yard dumpster can be used like:

  1. You can use a 10-yard dumpster to clean the storeroom or attic or removing extra materials from the work place.
  2. Dumpsters can also be used during re construction of any part of the house like during maintenance of kitchen cabinets, remodeling the living room, uprooting the floor of the guest room or drawing room, repairing the tiles of washroom, kitchen or in any other part of the house where heavy material needs to remove or re-install.
  • City management uses a 10-yard dumpster regularly to pick up the trash of the colonies.

Some other uses of a 10 yard dumpster is to manage home appliances, electronics and regular trash on smaller scale.

Cost of a 10 yard Dumpster

Cost of a 10 yard Dumpster
Usually, dumpster rental cost ranges about $ 250 to $ 550 per day, depending upon the factors given below:

  1. Locality
  2. Taxes and charges
  3. Size of dumpster
  4. Type of dumpster
  • Locality

Cost of a 10yard dumpster may vary according to the locality where you live in.
For example, price of rental dumpster may cost higher in a big city as compared to a smaller town. Similarly, high demand of the dumpster in cold and hilly areas may increase the price of a 10-yard dumpster as well.

  • Tax and Charges

Additionally, cost of local dumpster also relies on the charges of transfer of relevant material from one place to another, guidelines of local government about settlement and re use of the dumpsters. High charges and taxes set by local governments will increase the price of a dumpster as well.

Weight allowance fee: Cost of a 10 yard dumpster largely depends upon the weight allowance fee. For example, if weight allowance of 10-yard dumpster is 2 tons, you will have to adjust your relevant material within given weight. You can be charged extra fee on over loading the dumpster. To avoid extra charges of weight allowance, try to adjust your material within given weight. If your material is heavy, choose any other dumpster size to avoid the extra charges.
Fuel Prices: Fuel prices also increase the rate of a 10-yard dumpster. As fuel prices vary from one state to another, in the same way, cost of a 10 yard dumpster may also vary.

  • Size of Dumpster

Size of a dumpster also defines the cost of the dumpster. As 10 yard dumpster is small in size as compared to 20 yard, 30 yard, 40 yard dumpster and so on, the payment you will have to settle will be low.

  • Type of a 10 yard dumpster

Type of a 10 yard dumpster
The price of a 10-yard container will vary according to the type of the container you choose.

There are four types of 10-yard containers as under:

  1. A roll off container
  2. A trailer container
  3. Front Load container

These containers have different shapes and features. A front load container is especially designed container made by different companies according to the work site. Therefore, its charges will differ as compared to other 10-yard dumpster you choose.

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