How Many Hours of Sleep Do Adults Need?


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It is hard to explain and fix the sleeping hours for adults. It depends actually on many factors and that goes to varies from exact age, weight, gender and other situation like pregnancy or sleeps debt.

Again, it is variable from one person to another but the adequate sleeping hours starting from 7 to 9 hours. So an adult should not sleep more than 9 hours and not less than 7 hours on a regular basis.

Let’s discuss some factors that directly impact on how many hours of sleep do adults need:
Time to fall asleep
Time to fall asleep: Nobody knows the exact time when they fall asleep. It depends on how much stress you have faced and how much stamina you have lost during the daylight.

Ideally, you supposed to fall asleep within 15 to 20 minutes while going to bedtime. If you are spending like an hour before getting sleep then you have insomnia. However, it is another part to discuss. A natural sleep process works for a person whose daily workout or burn some calories at work.

Do you work-out every day: If you remain idle by seating back and don’t work out at all, then you need more time to fall asleep. On the other hand, if you have sleep debt with the previous night, then you will get sleep within a few minutes. However, it is an irregular occurrence.

People who are working out every day and shed some sweet from their body tends to sleep better and faster than those who don’t practice it at all. So it works nice!

Understanding one’s Body Clock: Understanding your body clock or circadian rhythm is a tricky and smart way to know how many hours an adult need sleep. It is an effective long-term process, and the more you were practicing from an early age, the more strong circadian rhythm you will have.

If you can’t help getting at P.M time, then you have the worst body clock which needs to change. A person who breaks his or her morning at early tends to have moderate sleeping hours compared to the person who wakes up in the afternoon.

So, when you understand that the body clock is not supportive of good night sleep, then try to change it gradually.
Make sure perfect bed materials
Make sure perfect bed materials: More or less every adult sleep average hours and stay on the bed during the night. So don’t go for any cheap investment for buying bed materials including pillows and mattress mainly. We recommend you find the best mattresses under 1000 dollars rather going for a cheap one. It will be affordable, as well as a healthy choice for better sleep.

Soft cushioned pillows are supportive to fall asleep as it gives great comfort. On the other hand, the most important thing is your mattress, indeed. Many people become confused to choose mattress out of a firm mattress. It is commonly found a firm, extra firm, and moderate firm. A safe option for you is a pillow top mattress with a comfortable soft layer on the top and firm supportive structure below. Check out this mattress buying guide from to learn more about this type of mattress. If you have found a wrong mattress, then you’ve already come to know the effects of sleeping on a bad mattress.

Pregnancy or Illness: Usually, adults require seven to nine hours of sleeping, but it comes to change for ill and pregnant women.

Pregnant women can’t get proper help as they face discomfort and often wake up in the middle of the night. Normally pregnant women can not sleep for more than 7 hours.

At the tri-semester of their pregnancy, 55% of pregnant women face a hard time during the night, and that is insomnia. While they wake up in the morning, they feel fatigued and get some symptoms of sleep apnea.

Food and beverages: Eating more in dinner, especially before bedtime is strictly forbidden by doctors as it increases your actual time to fall asleep. When we eat heavy food, our digestive system starts working and give us less space to sleep easily.

So eat less and sleep more is the common mantra for adults. On the other hand, strongly avoid coffee or caffeine before bedtime as it is an anti-sleeping beverage to drink. Instead of caffeine, try to drink water that helps you to get some adequate sleep.

Apart from caffeine, there would be another type of beverage such as alcohol which deters you to fall asleep. Twenty-seven studies confirmed it also.
Sleeping position
Sleeping position: How do you sleep every night supine or prone position or curl your legs or don’t curl it? If you have a wrong sleeping position, then you can hardly get proper sleep and also have some hard time during sleeping. Additionally, it causes your lower back pain.
The best sleeping position is the fetal one when you will curl your legs and remain right side on your body.

Gaming and using electronic devices: Recently, a study has confirmed that, an adult person who uses electronics for gaming like smartphone, Pc, or tablet tend to have sleep deprivation and other sleeping disorders. So if you stay out of electronics before bedtime, it helps you to overcome insomnia or sleep disorders.


We have shown you the basic factors that impact on adults sleeping hours. However, there are some other factors responsible for evaluating the sleeping hours of adults. Depending on the gender you’ve, the day you’ve spent in what amount of stress, the food you have consumed, the environment you have during bedtime are also liable for determining the number of sleeping hours as an adult.

Discussing and analysis on these all factors above, you will come to know how many hours of sleep do adults need. Additionally, you will know how to stay away from insomnia, sleep apnea, or any other sleeping disorders.

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