Importance of Digital Marketing in Real Estate and Essential Tips For Success

In the past decade the use of digital media has had a great impact on how people make daily decisions and this trend continues to intensify. It is understood that more than 90% of the time, when an individual initiates a search for a real estate property, whether it is for the purpose of renting, buying, or leasing, the search begins online. Hence, active online presence, which leads to potential client engagement, should be of utmost importance for real estate company in today’s age.

Creating a website, post listings on Facebook page and other social media accounts are the first steps towards generating leads online as you know your target audience is available and easily accessible online. However, it takes more than just posting images or creating online ads to actually turn prospects or visitors into actual clients. Constant efforts towards establishing your brand and engaging your potential clients will result is getting leads.

Here are some essential tips to get you the results you need from your online marketing efforts:

1. Build a mobile responsive website. Real estate websites have hundreds, if not, thousands of listings for various kinds of properties for different purposes such as buying, selling, leasing, and renting. It is important that when the customers lands at your website they find it easy to use and find what their looking for with just a couple of clicks.

Therefore, the website must be optimized for browsing over a mobile device as well as a laptop or computer because you don’t want to lose a customer over a simple thing. It should be a common practice nowadays to have a mobile responsive website, after all the other efforts you have made to get that customer to land on your website in the first place. More than 50% of web and social media browsing is done over a mobile device and this is your chance to grab your customer’s attention and pull them in.
Real Estate and Essential Tips

While building a mobile responsive website that requires uploading hundreds of photos and detailed listings and user-friendly options to narrow the search could be very time consuming for a real estate agent who has to be on the move meeting clients and showing houses etc., a professional and proficient web designer and can be a useful resource as the job can be done efficiently.

2. If you haven’t already, create social media business accounts by the name of your company on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These platforms give you a way to reach your target customer through targeted ads and engage with your customers. Initially, these sites were meant for social networking, hence the term “social media” but these sites have proven to benefit businesses as one of the main sources for leads. As a real estate agent you can show properties to your followers via Facebook Live, giving the look and feel of the listings you have available while interacting with them and converting the leads into confirmed sales at a faster pace.

3. Create Pay-Per-Click ads. PPC is a great way to generate instant leads for real estate agents as you only pay if someone clicks on the ad. PPC ads can be customized by targeted keywords in Google and other search engines or social media sites. This means you can make your ad visible to only interested customers and pay for the ad only when it’s clicked on.

4. Work on Search Engine Optimization strategies (SEO). Showing up at the very top when potential customers search for their real estate queries can lead to converting sales.

  • Master your on-page SEO. This is where you tell Google how it should read your website. On-page
  • SEO is vital if you need to have any success appearing in the search results.
  • Use high quality directories to submit your business NAP (Name, Address and Phone) Make sure that your NAP is all the same on all directories.
  • Send out an online press release anytime you have some news you want to share with your clients.
  • Take control of your online reputation management and try to get as much positive reviews as possible.
  • Try to write some guest posts for other websites in your market and get relevant backlinks

5. Write blog posts. Helps with SEO – ranking the website on first page of the search engines should be one of your goals and writing a blog does not only help with your website SEO, it can help you reach more audience and increase leads for your business.
Digital Marketing in Real Estat
6. Email campaigns, sending out useful information to your subscribers is a sure way to stay in your customers mind and whenever they think of buying a new property guess who they will call first.

Any real estate business success depends on the number of leads and prospects they get. Being online where your potential clients are is much easier now thanks to the online world, and armed with the above information it will be much easier for you to get the quality leads you want.

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