How Garden Makeovers Will Help You Sell Your Home

A well-known saying when selling property is that first impressions count. Of course, there will always be buyers looking for a complete renovation project who are happy to look past a garden of weeds to realise their vision, but for the average purchaser it can be off putting to see an untidy outdoor space for the following reasons:

1. Maintenance

Those with no interest in gardening, a lack of money or demanding lifestyle can find a poorly designed garden off putting when all they want to do is move in and relax.

2. Ready to go

Buyers with young families often want an instant garden that is ready to use for themselves and their little ones.

3. Work shy

Even the smallest garden space can give the appearance of hard work if left cluttered and overgrown.


4. Lack of green fingers

Some buyers will relish a blank canvas if gardening is their thing but a garden that does not compliment the property will create a sense of discord and will not show off the home to its full advantage either in person or on photographs.

5. Winter weather

Even a neat and tidy garden does not look its best during the colder months, and it can be difficult for a buyer to appreciate how it can be enjoyed in spring and summer.

Through fresh eyes

It is obvious from the above that perception can be everything and that garden makeovers actually DO help to sell homes with figures revealing that a neat, tidy, useable outdoor space can add as much as 20% to your property value.

A growing trend in al fresco living means that a garden is commonly seen as a natural extension of the home and according to Saga; is one of the top three features prospective buyers look for when deciding where to make their new abode. Location, location, location used to be everything, but gardens are the new buzzword in the property market, with a makeover having the potential to lead to a much quicker sale as well as potentially adding thousands to the asking price.

Emotions versus logic

Purchasers will want to be able to picture themselves actually living in your home, and the vision they want to imagine includes your garden. Viewing a property is not just about logic and figures – it can be just as much an emotional experience that helps to clinch a sale, so it is important to view your garden through the eyes of a potential buyer. Your garden may be perfectly serviceable but it won’t grab a buyer’s attention unless you show it at its best whatever the time of year. With this in mind, let’s look at some quick ways to makeover your garden that won’t break your budget and could help clinch that sale:

  • Garden furniture matters to the overall look of a garden and weathered garden furniture is not a good look. A perfect way of adding a practical and attractive feature to your garden is with maintenance free Lazy Susan outdoor garden furniture. Not only does this look good all year round – it will also give the impression that your garden stays that way too!
  • Take a look at your border too – a new fence panel or coat of stain on a discoloured fence could set your garden off to great effect
  • A dirty, moss covered patio isn’t the perfect place to sit out – a quick jetwash (you can hire these by the day!) could ensure your path and patio look pristine!
  • Overgrown pots or those full of dead twigs won’t give off a great impression. Cheap colourful bedding plants could make a real difference to an outdoor space.

We are all guilty of becoming blind to much needed repairs or improvements that will stick out like a sore thumb when a stranger walks through the garden gate! With your home frontage being the first thing buyers will notice – it makes perfect sense to ensure both kerb and garden appeal.


Gardens; like kitchens and bathrooms do sell houses so any outside space can be tidied and prettied up for much less than you think. Statistics reveal that most purchasers take less than ten minutes to form a decision in their minds so a good first impression is all you need.

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