How do Wet Rooms Work?

The current trend for wet rooms seems to be growing, and they do make an interesting and practical addition to the home. Whether you have an appropriate space or not is something we will talk about in a moment, but first, what is a wet room, and how does it work? It seems very odd that you should have a room that gets completely wet yet remains in use, but that’s what happens! Let’s see how they work, and what options you have.

How It Works

A wet room is, when all is said and done, simply a large shower room! In some cases you will have shower screens and doors involves, but in others it is simply a room, with plenty of room in which to take a shower. The trick is in the design, and in particular that of the floor and drainage.

There are a few options when it comes to how the floor works in your wet room. One common method is to re-lay the floor so that it is gently sloping, with the water running in the direction of the drainage holes you will have fitted. Another is to fit a very low, specialised shower tray that sits level with the floor, through which the water will leave in the standard fashion. The third way is to install a full-sized shower former, in effect a large shower tray, and allow the water to drain away via this.

Getting the water out is the important part of the wet room operation, and it’s worth saying here that it might be a difficult job for DIY. There are many companies who specialise in creating wet rooms, and you can find out more about wet room showers if you click.

What are the Benefits?

Wet Rooms

What are the benefits of a wet room? They allow you to shower without the enclosed feel of a traditional shower cubicle, something that many people find to be far more comfortable. They are also an attractive design feature for a bathroom, allowing for an open-plan look that is in line with modern taste. Furthermore, for people with limited mobility, a wet room is more accessible than a shower enclosure.

However, many people who install a wet room also use shower screens or curtains, especially in the instances where the wet room doubles as a bathroom or toilet. In these cases, a carefully placed screen can prevent other furnishings in the wet room from becoming soaked, yet still provide the open-plan and spacious feel offered by the wet room.

It’s up to you which you choose to do, but we recommend talking to an experienced wet-room designer or installer, and have them assess your chosen space for the wet room, too.

Where to Put a Wet Room

Your main bathroom will most likely be the most appropriate space in which to build your wet room, but as above, we advise that you have someone with experience have a look at the room before you commit. You do need a sensibly-sized room for the wet room concept to work, and in most cases, the homeowner will do without a bath-tub in this particular bathroom.

In smaller bathrooms, the wet room can still become reality, but it will work best if there is no other furniture in the room: just the shower, which will be used solely in that room.

The increasing popularity of wet rooms in UK homes is no surprise as they do make an excellent and attractive addition to the home, so get someone in now to check your bathroom, and you can have your own wet room before you know it!

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