How to Use a Fire Extinguisher?

An extinguisher is one of the devices which is used for extinguishing fires by using different types of discharge of water, foam, gas and other materials. You can get more information about fire extinguishers on They are available in different varieties in the market. They are listed as follows:

  • H20
  • AFFF Foam
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • ABC powder
  • Mist water
  • Chemical Wet

These are generally made to handle small fires. In the situation of large fires contact fire brigade office. An extinguisher is somewhat like a giant-aerosol canister which contains a mixture of two different substances.

One of them is in the phase of solid, liquid or gas, and the other one is used as a propellant which is a pressurized substance which helps the fire extinguishing substance to come out when the squeezer/pin of the canister is pressed. These containers are a build-up of strong steel in order to store high pressured fire controlling substance. This strong steel protects the canisters to explode.

Here is a complete guide to handling a fire extinguisher:
Fire Extinguisher

A ring on the handle is manufactured to prevent unexpected accidents. If the ring/pin is broken, then it needs your attention.
You have to drag the nozzle in such a direction that you have to step back to an unobstructed path in order to run so that you can protect yourself from unexpected happenings.

Firstly, gain some knowledge about the range of your extinguisher because there is a specific range of canister. The range of these extinguishers is generally between 8 – 12 feet.

The pin is directed in such a way that you target the base so that you make the base smoother. Because targeting the blaze will not help you.

When you press the handle, it opens a valve, and after this, pressurized gas is released from the canister. Squeezing the trigger is the most important step because this can hurt you also. Squeeze the trigger in a very controlled manner.

The gas expands swiftly and fills water at the lower side of the container. As the water goes down, the tube is raised automatically upwards.

Sweep the container side aside. Be in the continuation of the process until the fire has died completely. Memorize that you need to target the base. Most of them are provided with a time duration of 10-20 seconds for discharging.

After completing the given steps, shift backward safely in the very same direction as it was initially. Do this in order to protect yourself from the unpredicted rise of flames on hotspots or hidden spots even if the fire has terminated completely.

If you are dealing with the disposal of the extinguisher, throw it away and replace. If not yet depleted the complete pressure then replace it immediately. If you are stuck in large fires don’t try to master it with such equipment, just evacuate the place as soon as possible.

All in all, these are the right steps on how to use a fire extinguisher in case you’re trying to smog off a fire. If possible, always try to call the fire departments in case of any emergency.

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