How Clean Mattresses Impact Your Health

Is it not perhaps overwhelming that most of us spend about a third of our lives in bed with a mattress providing the comfort necessary for good sleep. Come to think of it, how often do we take time to clean the mattress that provides us comfort and quality sleep throughout the night, and perhaps even during the day time on some days at least.

Keeping the mattress free from dirt, dust, grime and other debris should be a part of the cleaning schedule for any home. Regular vacuuming can do most of this for you though a thorough cleaning nearly always calls for professional services. Ideally, while you can use a home vacuum once or twice every week, professional cleaning of the mattress must be scheduled at least once every six months.

There are many advantages associated with professional mattress cleaning and some of them include:-

Preventing Asthma and Other Allergies

Preventing Asthma and Other Allergies

Most of us have an air conditioned bed room which means that there is no fresh air circulating in the room. Since the bed room remains cool and we do not pay much attention to the dust and bacteria that keeps circulating in the room. It is a good practice to keep the windows open, the first thing when you start the day though this seldom happens for varying reasons. It is bed time again the next evening and you switch on your air conditioner. With this cycle repeating, there is more contamination in your bed room and your mattress absorbs most of it. Further, we also shed dead skin cells while sleeping and again the mattress takes all of them. Over several weeks, these dead cells become a fertile ground for growth of fungi, spores, viruses and bacteria. Micro organisms such as the skin cells can accentuate respiratory problems and even invite other skin ailments for you and your family. By getting your mattress professionally cleaned, you can eliminate nearly all these problems and enjoy healthy sleep for several weeks ahead.

Competent Professional Service Providers

It is never a huge task when you set out to find competent professional mattress cleaning services in most Australian cities and towns. In Melbourne, Melbourne Carpet And Tile Cleaning have built up an excellent reputation for a wide range of cleaning services. You can rely on their experience and expertise to entrust any type of cleaning services and you are bound to find them friendly, efficient and affordable.

Consider the reviews that you find online for the chosen service providers and also speak to some of the past customers to ensure that the reviews are honest and that you are in safe hands when you choose to work with a particular service provider.

What You Can Expect From the Professionals

Most professionals offering mattress cleaning as well as sanitizing employ industrial grade vacuum cleaners with significantly higher suction to pull out all settled dead skin and dirt effectively from the mattress. Conversely, when you employ a domestic vacuum cleaner, it removes just the top layer of debris and dirt leaving part of the contaminants deep inside your mattresses.
What You Can Expect From the Professionals
Apart from removing the debris and dirt, professional mattress cleaning will also address odours caused by urine and other body fluids. Professional mattress cleaning is particularly helpful in homes with young children, elderly or sick persons and homes with pets. These stains and odours are difficult for most home owners to get rid off while professional mattress cleaning will remove the bacteria and microbesresponsible for the odour and leave your mattress free from the nasty odours.

You should also know that professional mattress cleaning can involve steaming as well as shampoo and suction that can be performed only when an industrial grade vacuum is employed in combination with the right type of shampoo for your mattress. Professionals will also follow multiple processes using different machines and multiple steps of the process. Home owners can seldom replicate such a detailed process without the help of professionals. Further, most professional services use UV light for sanitizing your mattress and follow up with special sprays and chemicals making sure that your mattress is completely sanitized and stays safe from harmful contaminants.

Clean Mattresses Aid Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is an important component of good health and many of us are aware of the consequences from sleep deprivation. One of the major causes of uncomfortable or inadequate sleep is untidy and hard mattresses. Less than desirable sleep duration can also trigger several diseases including obesity. Most of us are also aware of the health problems that obesity brings along. Similarly, sleep deprivation can contribute to lack of concentration while driving and while at work. The consequences from lack of concentration can be manifold too. For people diagnosed with type II diabetes, poor sleep can accentuate their blood sugar levels leading to more serious health consequences.

Sleep Debt

Sleep Debt
When you experience regular sleeping problems and end up with less than the desired length of sleep every night, you are getting into sleep debt. Thus, for instance, if you are losing 2 hours of sleep every day, by the end of the week, your sleep debt mounts to 14 hours and this keeps mounting till you regain the desired length of sleep every day. Sleep debt in turn can lead to many avoidable consequences like morning headaches, excessive lethargy, tiredness and sleepiness during day, difficulty with focusing, enhanced risk of drug/alcohol dependence, and chances of road accidents, causing accidents/making mistakes while at work, relationship issues and a long list of other afflictions. Therefore, avoiding sleep debt has multiple advantages for you and a tidy, comfortable mattress contributes significantly to quality sleep.

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