Different Ways to Effectively Use Motion Sensor Lights

With the advent of newer technologies every day, almost all aspects of our day-to-day lives are getting digitalized. Whether it is a bank transaction or home security, everything is getting automated now. One of the best things about this automation is the advent of motion-sensor lights. Motion sensor lights automatically light up when they sense motion in their vicinity and power off after some time. You don’t have to stumble around in the dark to switch on or off the lights. These lights also act as deterrents to thieves and burglars as it is difficult to break into a well-lit home. Moreover, you can save a lot of electricity and become energy-efficient.

Motion sensor lights come in a lot of varieties and ranges giving you the option to choose the best solution for your needs. These LED lights are either battery-operated or hardwired and come with dusk to dawn sensors, lighting controls, or automated systems to set timings. Plus, they are so easy to install and you can use them almost anywhere in the house! Here are some effective ways to use motion sensor lights.

Along Or Under the Stairs

Along Or Under the Stairs

If you’ve ever had to go up or down dark stairs, you would understand the importance of motion-sensor stair lighting. These LED lights come as small bulbs or strips and are quite easy to install. You can install them along the staircase wall, on individual treads, or even under the treads. This way you can illuminate the stairs without lighting up the entire hallway and disturbing others.

Inside The Cupboards or Drawers

Another place where you can install motion-sensor LED strips is inside your drawers. Whether it is your closet drawers, kitchen cabinets, or bathroom vanity drawers, these lights can make it easier to find stuff. And as they are motion activated, they turn off only when you open the drawers, thereby saving electricity. Plus, you need not light up the entire room just to search the drawers!

For The House Exterior & Garage

For The House Exterior & Garage
You can use these lights for your entry stairs or exterior lights. House exteriors like porch and garage do not need lights all the time. Having motion-sensor lights allows you to have exterior lights on whenever you step out and off whenever you’re not using it. This saves a lot of money that is wasted on lights that are left on when not in use.

Inside The Refrigerator

There are more benefits of motion sensor lights than just lighting your stairs. In fact, you can use them anywhere in the home. For example, if your refrigerator lights don’t give enough illumination, you can add a strip of LEDs on both sides. This gives you added lighting and easy view of the refrigerator contents. Plus, as the lights are motion-activated, you can save some electricity too.

Lighting the Kitchen Cabinets

the Kitchen Cabinets
Another good place to use motion sensor lights is to light up your kitchen cabinets. Sometimes, the farthest corners of the cabinets do not get enough light. You end up needing to battle darkness and spider webs to get that old pan that you left inside! Adding an LED strip inside the cabinet can easily resolve this problem for you without wasting extra money.

Tricky Spaces in the Home

Other than the above-mentioned places, there are still many spots in your home that do not get enough light. Having lights in these spots can ensure safety as you don’t have to stumble around the house in darkness. For example, having LED strip lights under the bed frame or toe-kick lights under the kitchen cabinets can give you enough illumination to have a drink at night without lighting up the entire kitchen!

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