How Are Babies Benefitted by Sleeping on Good Mattresses with Their Moms

Many societies are pretty used to the concept of new moms sleeping with their precious little ones. Often a baby sleeps in between his mom and dad on the same bed. In many countries when babies are left on their own in cribs, the parents are regarded as inconsiderate and irresponsible. However, often the media has discouraged parents from sleeping together with their babies as they found this practice extremely scary and risky. Medical Science has never supported this view and it has been proved that it is safer to sleep with your little one rather than letting him sleep alone.

More Peaceful & Restful Sleep

Peaceful & Restful Sleep

When the mother is sleeping next to the infant, he would be sleeping peacefully all through the night and he would practically not get startled by anything if the mom is around. Solo sleepers cry often during the night. Remember crying and startling would be releasing adrenaline that boosts the heart rate, as well as, the blood pressure and comes in the way of a peaceful and restful sleep. This could culminate in lack of proper sleep for both the mom and the baby resulting in long-term sleep anxiety. So it is best to sleep together as both the mom and the baby experience a superior quality of sleep together and there is a certain degree of mental peace involved.

Breastfeeding Made Easier

Breastfeeding Made Easier
An infant needs regular nighttime feeds and so nursing mothers must consider sleeping together with the baby so that the baby could be nursed as many times as required during the night. This would certainly facilitate better breastfeeding for your baby. Both the mom and the baby could sleep well throughout the night provided they are sleeping on a firm and non-toxic mattress. Both of them could enjoy longer hours of sleep if they are sleeping together. The mom is free from anxiety over safety issues of the baby if they are sleeping together. If you try to assess the history of mattresses, you would find that even in the past mom and baby slept on a nice and firm mattress that boasts certain specific features.

Enjoy Robust Physiology

Studies have revealed that when the baby is made to lie down near his mom, he would experience regular heart rhythms, stable temperatures, and very few long pauses while breathing.

Conclusion: Relatively Lower SIDS Risks Involved

Consider buying the best available mattress that is just right for you and your baby. The mattress must be comfortable and firm so that co-sleeping could mean a lowered risk of SIDS that often prove to be immensely beneficial for your baby. Research and studies have shown that the rate of SIDS is lowest particularly in all those nations where babies sleep with their parents as a norm. These babies generally sleep throughout the night peacefully on their back on a nice and firm mattress. Safety is the best gift you could give to your baby and so you must consider co-sleeping with your little one.

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