Clever and Cheap Ways of Paving Your Home

The exterior flooring on your property is the first thing a visitor will ever notice as they come in. Improving this part of your home will definitely give visitors a good first impression as they cross the threshold. Normally, the best, more classy and sophisticated way of making your exterior flooring look nice is through paving. Various materials are used for the paving process, which depends on the cost and the desired effect by the homeowners. Asphalt, artificial stones like flagstones, cobblestone, as well as wood and concrete are just some of the materials used. Paving helps you avoid the muddy, dusty and bushy parts of your yard, and creates a flattened, easy-to-use pathway for you and your guests.

Now, one would understandably think that you’d need to pay a huge amount of money just to make things look great, but that’s not always the case. If you know what you’re doing.

Pavements can be homemade or manufactured in the factory and bought. Homemade pavers are easy to create and somehow economical, whilst manufactured ones like interlocking pavers add aesthetic appeal to the exterior floor. They are stronger, thus durable, flexible, and easy to maintain and repair although a bit costly.

Here are the major factors to consider when paving your exterior floors:


Paving is a costly project that requires proper planning when it comes to finances and economic balance. It is advisable to go for the materials that you can afford as well as the contractor. There is always something prolific for a given price, but should you want the best results for your home, then you will have to dig deeper in your pockets.

The amount of financial resources spent on the paving project will determine the durability of the work, the appeal of the finished product and how easy it will be to care and maintain for it. Similarly, your residential area and the activity, as well as the climatic conditions of the area, should be put into consideration when it comes to determining the amount of finances being set aside for paving 


We all need to invest in durable products so that we can save a few pennies here and there. As much as cheap services are appealing, many expenses will be spent on repairs and maintenance besides having such unappealing features.

In this regard, pavers are said to be more expensive when it comes to buying them and hiring an instructor to install them. But they last longer and have a beautiful finish that will be an added piece to your exterior décor. For you to get better results in your paving investment, always weigh and compare the benefits and setbacks of the high priced materials and services. Durability is an essential factor when it comes to long-term costly investments.

The care and maintenance expectations

Well cared for and highly maintained pavements are subject to durability. Repairs should be done on time, for example potholes which happen as a result of degradations. When potholes are not maintained, water enters the cracks and worsens the problem.

Environmental conditions like too much water and heat may as well result to problems that require immediate attention. The cost of repairs becomes too much should there be a delayed and attention and may get worse. The maintenance of the pavements also depends on the material used for the paving.

The residential environmental conditions

The climatic conditions of the place that you live in affect the durability of the materials used for the paving. If you want your pavement to be able to withstand the test of harsh climatic conditions, invest in durable materials and pay extra care and maintenance according to the environmental conditions.

For example, homeowners with pavements in wet climatic regions need to pay attention to the detail of drainage. On the other hand, those living in areas that experience that paver crack fluctuating temperatures should realize that pavers crack on expansion and contraction.

The homeowners should work with a professional contractor to know how to place a drainage system and the materials necessary as accorded by the climatic conditions. This is necessary to avoid extra unnecessary charges and expenses on new paving solutions, repairs and late measures.

Appearance and personal preference

The homeowner has the privilege of making their own choice of how the exterior of their home should look like. The patterns and colors selected should be durable and in line with any further renovations that may follow. The choice that is made should fit with the environment, the design and the structure of your home.

The appearance of the paving should remain an adorned feature of the home for a long time with no necessary need for repairs and charges. Professional and skilled contractors can be of a great help when it comes to merging preference and the environmental conditions as well as the budget.

All these factors work for the best results of your paving. Finding the perfect contractor that keeps these factors in mind as far as the construction of the paving is concerned is a hard task. However, this can be made easier by the information at

Clever and cheap types of paving

Paving is made available in various designs that encompass the use of different materials and patterns. Two or more designs can be merged together for a sophisticated and catchy look. Some designs also allow seamless finishing that makes your exterior environment and décor enviable.

● Using loose stones or gravel

This may be the cheapest of the bunch. All you have to do is find fine stones or gravel and pour it on your driveway, walkway or patio. It comes with a lot of setbacks that include a high demand for maintenance and dangerous accidents. As much as it looks good, the setbacks override the benefits.

You can add an artistic taste to this by creating a pallet deck or floating deck which can be found at an affordable price. They are versatile with DIY materials that make placement more of a personal preference that allows painting and finishing painted in any color for that adorned furnishing.

● The use of macadam or tar and chip

This is cheaply done paving as well and it resembles the combination of asphalt and loose gravel or stones. There is also an option of using asphalt. Macadam is cheap and could last if it is done well. Its entire look can be improved with the facelift addition of a pallet or floating deck depending with the homeowner

● Concrete

Concrete is widely used as it is perfect for small areas and is very affordable. The paving made of concrete will eventually crack, but if it is poured in well, it will last for a while before undergoing the cracking process, especially after winter.

Concrete pavers and paving stones can also be used to construct a well-calculated design that can be made better with colored stones.

● The use of bricks or pavers

This option requires bricks or pavers to be laid down by hand, which makes it costly, should you decide to hire a contractor. Clay bricks are preferable due to their strength and flexibility which means that they can handle maintenance requirements which may result from expansion and contraction.

Old bricks or leftovers can be used to create a cheesy cottage feel in any desired shape. Pavers can be used to create a chess board pattern which strays away from the traditional solid installations. This makes it look like a traditional game board with oversized pieces. You can use any other fun pattern that may appeal to your taste as well. Affordable and reliable bricks and pavers could be obtained if you do enough research before paving.

● The use of slabs

Slabs are for those homeowners that need a look that resembles pavers which are too expensive especially for larger areas. Consider using bigger paving slabs and paving flags that can be found at a very affordable price. Fewer, bigger slabs and flags will be required to cover a large distance as compared to pavers which will make it less expensive but somehow working and resembling pavers.

Paving made of slabs, pavers and paving stones can be transformed into a lucrative barefoot garden if spaces are left between them to create grass that is soft and short. That will definitely create the perfect outdoor environment.

● Freeform

Freeform as a solution for the pavement makes use of the moving stones, concrete pavers and poured concrete to create a paving that is movable, which means that it is placed in any order or it can take a geometric look, depending on how the homeowner feels.

This paving is best suited for patios, especially for that endearing backyard appeal.

What to look for at a paving company

How do you know who to rely on for your paving needs and solutions when everyone around the globe claims to know the depth of ABCD when it comes to paving? Often homeowners fall for frauds and scams with sweet deals and at the end of the day and the losses incurred don’t even match the number of services they received.

Below are some of the guidelines, homeowners should consider before letting a contractual deal with your paving needs:

The coverage insurance

Accidents do happen, and when they happen when a contractor is on your property, you may be in trouble should they not have any form of insurance. The insurance of the contractor should cover general liabilities, auto liabilities and workers compensation.

Before you even start asking questions in regards to the services offered, ask about the insurance to ensure your maximum protection. You don’t want yourself risking that homeowner policy, do you?

Availability of the right equipment

The material and equipment that are to be used for the laying of the pavement should suit what you bargained for. Do not allow the use of leftover materials from another construction if it was not your idea. Also, the use of old equipment that will make the result of the work inefficient and shoddy should not be allowed.

For instance, when it comes to the use of asphalt, it should be laid down at around 300 degrees and the work to finish fairly quickly in order to avoid seams and cracks.

Availability of enough crew

Enough crew makes the progress of work move quickly. Paving companies with fewer workers should not be allowed to solve your paving problems. The crew should also consist of professional and skilled personnel who know what they are doing.

Skilled crew members are mandatory as they will ensure the reliability and durability of the paving. They should also be able to consult and advise the homeowner on measures to take as the paving progresses.

An experienced crew that takes their professional job seriously delivers a remarkable job and exemplary results

Reliability of the contractors

This comes especially on the part of preparing the base. They should be able to follow a step by step process with no use of shortcuts that result in durable paving. When asphalt is put in haste and with no consideration, it begins to buckle as water erodes the base resulting in cracks and holes. To avoid this, the base should be made thick and stable.

When it comes to the top coat, a thicker coat is preferred for durability as much as it will cost more. The crew should also be helpful when it comes to the selection of price-friendly pavers that are genuine and meet the taste of the homeowner. The low quality of the materials used will have an impact on the longevity and general outlook of the finished paving.

Availability of reference

We all desire a service provider that will have something as a sample to show for their work. You are allowed to ask for the recent works they can show. Besides, satisfied customers are very much willing to share their experiences. If there happens to be one in your environment that you can sample up, you have yourself a jackpot. Run from those companies that are not open to such ideas.

A good paving company will provide customer satisfying services in a very understanding way. For more information regarding the kind of service you expect from paving companies and contractors, check out the website above.

Adorn your home with presentable paving. You don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to achieve the perfect paving when there are various ways to make paving easy. There are also options for doing it yourself kind of services. Avoid the mud and dust off the exterior flooring with these perfect and cheap ideas for your paving solutions.

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