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How A Backyard Sport Court Affects Your Property Value

With plenty of home renovations and construction projects in mind, have you ever wondered which one increases the value of your property? Recent studies show that aside from a well-landscaped backyard, an exterior sports court provides a 12% increase in value amongst home improvements. 

While plenty of homeowners prefer adding an outdoor swimming pool, if practicality and usage-wise, an outdoor sports hoop increases the value of your home, this outdoor hoop allows you to have fun leisure moments until you are ready to put your property for sale. Aside from that, here are several factors to help improve the overall value of your home. 

Do Backyard Sports Hoops Add Value To Your Property

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Before putting your property for sale, aside from focusing on home interior improvements and projects, you may want to reconsider the exterior too. Paying close attention to the home exterior helps increase curb appeal and allows you to improve financial gain. Swimming pools are elegant, but backyard sports courts are the new trend, not just for upper-class homeowners but also for everyone searching for ways to improve their property’s overall value. 

Many families prefer having an eco-friendly backyard. Something that cuts the cost, especially with water bills and usage. A backyard sports hoop inclusion on your property increases its value between $10k to $20k or more. 

This means a sports court provides your family additional years of enjoyment and fun, which are priceless as it adds price to your property. Assuming you’ve already planned to include an in-ground basketball hoop in your backyard, we recommend you to read the review at to give you a detailed overview and best choices for high-quality, durable, and reliable hoops that will perfectly fit your property. 

Besides increasing property value, you also help the community foster engagements and provide the community an area to be active, fit, live healthier, and bond. It increases the chance for a potential buyer to acquire the property faster as it comes with an outdoor court which is ideal for families or searching for a place to raise their family. 

Ideal for aspiring athletes

A backyard sports court adds a significant value to aspiring athletes searching for properties suitable for their passion. It’s an unbeatable offer for people whose ball is part of their lives. This piques the interest of potential buyers and helps you increase the value of your humble sanctuary.

An excellent inclusion for families

Not all home renovation and inclusions are pleasing. Most property owners will ask similar questions like, “will this add value to my property?” Some will, but some may not in the coming years. 

For instance, if your property is located in a family-oriented area or development, then a backyard sports court is appealing for prospective buyers. Most families with children will have an open space to bond, practice, and have fun. 

For upper-class property owners

A backyard sports court adds prestige and value to your property. Imagine having your expansive backyard with a private sports court with ample space to place the barbeque pit, flower bed, sports hoop, and more. This makes your property eco-friendly and adds extra value ranging from $10 – $20K, or even more.

Benefits Of Adding In-Ground Hoops On Your Home’s Value

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Selling your property is like a game of understanding the value. Your goal is to allow someone to believe your property is a great deal and they cannot resist and purchase it immediately. Buying a home is a considerable investment, and you’ll need to weigh your options, benefits, and potential setbacks. 

The best way to increase your property’s value is to add extra items your prospective buyer will be interested in. For instance, most property developers and homeowners prefer an outdoor sports court over a swimming pool. Why? Though pools seem a great addition, sports courts are practical and will cut extra costs, especially water usage and the bill. 

Here several benefits you cannot procrastinate when working with home improvements that add value to your property: 

  • It offers an eco-friendly inclusion
  • Outdoor sports courts help enhance and fit your landscaping
  • Courts are low-maintenance compared to pools
  • It provides a variety of athletic use
  • Massive living space improves property value 
  • It provides a fun and engaging experience until you’re ready to sell the property

While there are still several essential factors that affect any property’s overall value, especially with its location, investing with added items, home renovations, projects, and inclusions that offer long-lasting benefits is vital. It’s still up to prospective buyers whether these inclusions are beneficial for them or their families. 


At the end of the day, a backyard court is still a free space where property owners can decide what they want to do later on. However, for prospective property owners searching for a room to raise their family, a sports court is highly inclusive. With the aforementioned benefits, no wonder more and more property owners prefer an outside court over swimming pools.

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