Home Makeover Ideas That Will Make Your Neighbours Jealous


Home Makeover

In the monotony of life and in the routine set up of life and work, you need some change. Making over your home is one of the biggest leaps to that end. When you get back home and find a new and comfortable set up, your stress goes down to some extent. There is also an ancillary component when you makeover your home- you get in the eyes of your neighbours and attract their jealousy. And what other compliment exists which is more rewarding than a neighbour’s jealousy?

Here are some cool home makeover ideas that you can try out:

New and trending paint work- The first thing your eye registers when you enter a room is the colour in the background. If it has been a while since you have been stuck with a particular wall colour, its time to change it into a trending and fresh colour. You can also use patterns on the wall which can be done either by you or by hired professionals. If you are happy with the colour of your house and don’t want to change it, then decals which are easily available can be used on the same walls which give a proper contrast to your wall and also to your room.

  • Flooring- No one ever gets the courage to change the flooring of their house as it requires extra work and is time consuming. But, changing the flooring of your house will give it a look which will make you feel that you stepped into a new house altogether. Wooden flooring in Christchurch is increasingly being specified and used throughout the world. Bamboo is being used worldwide by designers, architects, interior designers for renovating and for new projects.

Wooden flooring is the new style which gives a sense of sophistication and a vintage look. Another option in wooden flooring is Timber flooring Christchurch. It is not only durable but also cost effective, good looking and eco-friendly.

  • New furniture and alignment- Nothing says “Yawn” more than coming home to the same furniture and accessories alignment. Buying new and stylish furniture can be the way to go. Furniture is something which is durable and can stay for a long time. Therefore, it is a good idea to go out and buy some new furniture and store the existing furniture and tools in the den so that when you want to redo your house, you have a change of furniture available.

Dramatic lighting

  • Dramatic lighting- There is nothing more exquisite than the value added to a home with the drama of distinct and inspired lighting. Many kinds of lighting accessories are now available- multiple lighting in a single bulb, fairy lights, rice lights, bulbs of multiple colours etc. You can liven up the dull spots in your home by adding different types of lighting. This will lift your spirits and the entire house will seem more uplifted and lively.
  • Thematic decor- Add themes to your home makeover plans. You can either maintain a consistent theme in your entire house or change the themes according to rooms. For example, the living room can be lit properly suggesting a lively atmosphere while the bedroom can be given a subtle yellow light suggesting a tropical background. Adding theme/themes to your house flips over the look of your house entirely.

Go green

  • Go green- If you do not have a lot of greenery in your home, it’s time to give that a go. If you have chosen a tropical theme for your house, it will fit perfectly to that theme. Even if no such theme is prescribed, a little greenery goes a long way into giving your house character. There are many decorative show plants available that can be put anywhere in your house. In this age of global warming and environmental pressure, planting and keeping plants in your home is a welcome move.

Your home is not just a place where you live and sleep. It is essentially an extension of your personality and character. Making over a home can be taken as reviving your mood and personality even. Therefore, having a thorough makeover of your house has many interpretations and impacts you and the people who visit as well.

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