9 Reasons Why You Need to Clean Your Residential Solar Panel Regularly


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Clean Your Residential Solar Panel

Many things can affect how well solar panels gather energy from the sun. This is why proper maintenance is needed after panels are on a roof. If you have a solid maintenance routine, it will help you prevent energy inefficiencies. This guide covers nine reasons why you should clean your residential solar panels on a regular basis.

The Warranty

Most companies that manufacture solar panels provide a warranty. However, the guidelines for an average warranty contain strict terms, and anyone who doesn’t follow some guidelines won’t get coverage whenever a panel breaks down. One of the most common requirements of a warranty is cleaning. Typically, in order to replace defective equipment using a warranty, you’ll have to prove that the panels were cleaned regularly.
The Warranty

Rainwater Isn’t Effective

Although rain soaks solar panels, it doesn’t totally remove dust, dirt, and debris. The big problem is that rain holds particles, and they linger on a panel after the water evaporates. Once enough dust builds up on the panels following multiple storms, grime will begin to generate. Over time, the grime from dust particles forms a layer of dirt, which blocks sunlight. As a result, if you don’t clean your panels with freshwater, environment contaminates will reduce their charging capabilities.

Increased Efficiency

When solar panels are installed on a roof by trees, debris will land on the solar equipment. Because branches have leaves that hold dirt and dust, debris can easily drop and cover a panel on a roof. Usually, the level of grime that builds up on a panel influences the degree of energy loss. If may grimy panels aren’t cleaned, they will lose up to 30 percent of their energy. You can double your panel’s electricity output by washing them before they’re covered with heavy grime.

Prevent Electrocution

Prevent Electrocution
While following a regular cleaning schedule, you’ll have opportunities to thoroughly inspect your panels. Frequent inspections are vital because they can help you pinpoint delicate spots on panels that could break or shatter down the road. Once a panel is damaged, water will access its circuits, and this increases the risk of electrocution.

Wash Away Bird Droppings

Because solar panels are positioned on an angle, bird droppings can easily land on their housing. In order to remove dried droppings, you’ll have to thoroughly scrub the soiled surfaces with a soapy sponge.

You should always get rid of droppings whenever you spot them on panels. Since dropping is thick, they can reduce the light that accesses the power cells and decrease charging times.

Backup Energy During Strategic Times

If you don’t clean your panels, they won’t harvest energy effectively while the sun is shining. All of the energy that is stored in a solar panel is valuable because you may need it following a major storm. When solar panels are dirty, they will lose opportunities to completely charge.

To power an entire home, you’ll have to inspect and clean each panel that’s covered with grime. The time that it will take to complete this job will vary depending on the size of your solar panel system. However, you should never cut corners during a cleaning routine because improper maintenance could cause problems while power cells are charged. For example, if you only clean a few panels among 30 panels, the system won’t be able to provide its power maximum capacity, which is around 250 watts.

Lower Energy Bill

Lower Energy Bill
If you have a custom energy setup that includes solar panels, a proper cleaning schedule can lower your energy costs as you’ll have access to green energy when it’s needed. While panels are dusty and dirty, you’ll have to rely on energy from the main power grid more regularly because your soiled solar equipment won’t effectively charge until it’s cleaned.

Very Reliable Power

Reliable solar power is influenced by the energy levels within each panel’s cells. To harvest consistent power on each sunny day, every panel must have a clear view of the sun, and you can help your panels achieve this by cleaning them.

Protection for the Panels

Heavy grime can harm a solar panel and reduce its overall efficiency. If dirt cooks on a glass panel, it could slowly destroy the material. However, you can prevent chipping and crack on panels by following a regular cleaning schedule, or you could let a Thistle Window Cleaning technician clean the panels.

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