Home Maintenance: The Forgotten Corners

When it comes to maintaining and protecting our homes, many of us are pretty good at spotting the obvious. We can tell when a gutter is coming loose or a door squeaks, a tree is growing too close to the window, or a step is crumbling.

There are some areas, however, which can be harder to spot. These are usually larger jobs, or patches concealed in an area we don’t often get a good look at, such as roofs and garages. Here are some of the most commonly forgotten tasks when it comes to home maintenance—ignoring them could cause you a significant financial headache!

The Roof

The Roof

It is the element which holds our home together, but the roof can often be neglected or ignored. Strong winds, pollution, and animals can all wreak havoc with the covering, and it is important that any issues are tackled and addressed as early as possible to prevent further damage. Factors such as loose or slipped tiles, poor insulation, or erosion are all things to be addressed and can be fixed relatively easily by experts such as those trained in roof cleaning and repair Portland Oregon.

The Brickwork

The Brickwork
Brickwork is an essential part of your home’s strength, and it is usually pretty sturdy. There are certain features, however which can cause damage and weaken the brickwork over time. Eventually, this can lead to a collapse or cracks which could cause further damage.

Plants are a significant risk to watch out for. They can sometimes make their way between bricks, and this makes the whole structure significantly weaker and prone to damage. Regularly prune back any bushes or shoots which are threatening to encroach on the house, and tackle cracks or damage as soon as they appear.

The Driveway

The Driveway
Most of us don’t spend a considerable amount of time looking at our driveway. If it is not covered by a vehicle, chances are we are out of the house in said car. The driveway is an element of your home which is put under a great deal of pressure on a daily basis and needs to be carefully maintained.

Loose stones can be a serious tripping hazard and may cause damage to the tires of your car. The whole surface needs to be even and level to allow it to disperse the substantial weight evenly. It is essential to check out any missing or loose slabs as soon as you notice them.


Our Boundary fences may not be in our immediate line of sight, and so it can be easy to neglect or forget about this aspect of our property. Broken or damaged fences can act as magnets for thieves, who may spot an easy way to enter the property.

They are also attractive to scavengers of a different nature; foxes, rats, and raccoons may make the most of easy access to your land, and this gives them free rein over trash cans, leftover food, and even inside your home if they see the chance. Make sure your fences are secure, safe, and scavenger proof!

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